MtG: WIP Red Burn-Control Deck


The Invisible Observer
Here is a MtG deck I have, I'd like criticism/suggestions. I've supplied all necessary info. Help me optimize the deck. <3


Make a near creature-less red burn/control deck for multiplayer games (3-6 players) that can consistently and reliably lock down enemy players and have a reusable damage output. Primarily revolving around Mana Cache and Fanning the Flames is preferable.

Meta (playing atmosphere) of the game is against a few amateur players and a few veteran players. Decks of all play types and series are being used.

No card restrictions are being played other then no more then the 1 tutor rule. I do not have the money to spend more then about $3.00 (CA/US) per card, the cheaper the better though.


Deck roster:

4x Wall Of Stone

2x Krark's Thumb

4x Fiery Gambit
4x Browbeat

1x Sulfuric Vortex
4x Pillage
4x Blazing Salvo
4x Aether Flash
4x Pyroclasm
4x Inflame

2x Lava Burst
2x Disintegrate
2x Fanning the Flames
2x Earthquake

2x Mana Cache
15x Mountain

Total: 60 Cards


How it works (or is intended to work):

No creatures gives me virtual card advantage since enemies have no effective creature targets (of mine) available.

Aether Flash disrupts majority of enemy creature spells, Inflame finishes creatures off. 2 Aether flash has proven to be effective creature lock down. Aether Flash is not an issue for the Wall of Stone (0/8 wall).

Mana Cache and Fanning the Flames drains it on my turn, its most useful for me granted I have a Mana Cache output.

Lava Burst, Disintegrate either used for direct burn or removing difficult creature threats. Also a Mana Cache dump.

Earthquake is more creature disruption, and another mana dump if I'm ahead in health, often a good mass player killing move.

Fiery Gambit and Krark's Thumb usually used to go for the 9 card draw and mountain untap. Its about a 50% chance of Fiery Gambit succeeding, which usually gives a card advantage down to the next Fiery Gambit. Red Storm cards may prove effective in conjunction with Fiery Gambit, but that would require deck dedication to storm.


Weaknesses, and what I'm considering:

-Needs more reliable sources of repeating damage output
. -Barbed Field: Stops mana cache addition, reuseable player/creature prod.
. -Power Surge: Synergises nicely with mana cache.
. -Pyromancer Ascension: Will need to dedicate deck a bit to it, drastically increases damage output and card gain (assuming I had more draw cards)

-Needs more mana acceleration
. -Mercadian Bazaar: Seems like good early game play, can stop feeding Mana Cache
. -Dormant Volcano: Unsure about this one

-Needs more draw/card acceleration
. -Spinerock Knoll: Not a safe acceleration but would help search and play more even while tapped out

-Needs more protection that can synergise with other effects occuring
. -Smoke: Doesn't effect me, quick safe guard against weenie/tribal decks/creature tap combos in the event Aether Flashes / mana are slow to draw.
. -Aether Membrane: Fixes flyer issue, return creature synergises with Aether Flash.

I really think there is likely a lot of non-basic lands I could be swapping in for more effective deck use. I'm open to artifact use. Majority of defensive enchantments I'm considering only having one of each. Considered cards would most likely be replacing the multiples of Blazing Salvo. Pyroclasm and Inflames. Non-basic lands would replace lands.

If you can hotlink images of any suggested cards from here that would be super helpful, though not necessary.

Thanks for reading, looking forwards to suggestions.

hunterrravyn Regular
Looking at your stuff,

You may look at splashing blue, it does have some nice creature defence and counters (i.e. Counters, Bounces, Cheap Defence), the blue would also add a more contoling aspect to the deck.
Have a look at.

This Card can make for some intresting and quick games with a burn deck, i use it with mill decks.

Your Current Deck:

-Average Deck's have 21-24 land...
-Need air defence, there are some seriously overpowered cheap air creatures around.

You May

-Remove Earthquakes, for 2 more Thumbs (4 thumbs... intresting)
-Epic Ownage (Massive Panic Button).


Just Smile.
you have so many x2 or x4 of spells that Pyromancer Ascension would work amazingly.

if you have got the cards to cast, Braid of Fire is a good mana accelerator.

Or Rite of Flame... But you would bee 4 rite of flames for optimal preformance

Silent Arbiter - if you find creatures to be an issue. A powerfull green beat down deck can tank 4 damage when they come in.

You can use a Furnace of Rath for damage acceleration.

Or use Fork - You play a devastating spell? Copy it. your opponent plays a devastating spell? Copy it. :)

If you don't mind higher mana cost - Wild Ricochet is the improved fork.


Font of Methos - if you can deal with the extra drawing [and your oppoenents can't] will greatly accelerate a deck.

Illuminated Folio - Mono red means for one mana you can draw a card.


Hopeless Toby Driver fan boy

Best burn in the game. 1 red mana, 3 damage to any target.


The Invisible Observer

Best burn in the game. 1 red mana, 3 damage to any target.
Intended for group games, lightning bolt loses its magic there. Its a little pricy ($) but they've been reprinted in M10 so I'll probably consider them. The goal here is to be able to wittle away 60heatlh, and lightning bolts aren't going to do that.


Well the killer damage machine in red deck is the combo of triskelion

and some card I can't think of unfortuanetly haha. Anyway basically you deal damage with triskelion, then each time it deals damage I believe you get a counter on it, basically giving you unlimited amounts of damage at your disposal.
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