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    Ever wanted to have a second build menu with "Advanced structures"?
    Only to find out it isn't readily available?

    The usual replies to threads include:

    > Bear Form

    Well, yes... sort of.
    The worker actually changes to his advanced alternate,
    he also has a build menu with the new structures inside.

    Nice start.

    Only, when you tell it to build something, he will walk there and ... and nothing, the building simply disappears...

    Morphing abilities tend to want to keep the previous unit's features.
    And, no, the related gameplay constant doesn't help either.
    Neither does using a permanent morph.

    > Spell Book - with "Build tiny ..." (as seen in Nature's Call - Circle Defense)

    That's a school example how rumors start.
    If you actually bothered to have a look at the map (it's not protected),
    you'd notice that those builders have exactly one (1) advanced structure.

    Yes, the Object Editor has an entire list of "build tiny" abilities, each with a different structure,
    however, there really is only one such ability.

    And, as usual, putting the same ability twice or more often on the same unit simply doesn't cut it.

    > "Channel" as a couple area dummy abilities, and trigger the placement

    - you don't see the buildings when placing them
    - it doesn't respect pathing
    - it ignores unbuildable / buildable terrain
    - the structure might not be placed where you think it should go

    > "Unit - Replace"

    Unit groups, variables, control groups... not an option.

    And that's about it.

    What you would need is
    - a builder that can change to some other unit
    - keep the original unit's dependencies
    - still be able to build stuff
    - and probably some more details...

    Well, it can be done.

    Make some custom dummy worker, with all the structures you're ever going to need.
    (Yes, you can put way more than 12 buildings on one worker...)
    Use a custom "Chaos" ability to instantly, and permanently, morph him into the actual basic builder.
    That's the unit to put on the map, or train, or buy, or wherever it's coming from.

    A basic builder, with the normal structures, and some type of "Bear Form" to morph to his advanced self.

    An advanced worker, preferably same model, same everything, with the alternate set of buildings, and the same Bear Form ability.

    Add a trigger that opens the build menu when your workers change form.

    Sounds complicated?
    Well, yes. But you get a really cool worker :p, and there's a demo map attached here.

    - the build menus don't need to be full
    - building limits work (not more than two Farms for example)
    - your worker may lose his current order when changing, depending on what he was doing
    - Battle Stations can only accept one worker type

    Good luck


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  2. rodead

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    nice tutorial now everybody can see how it is done +rep
  3. garion992

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    Cool, thats really good for TD's or Melee Maps!
  4. Tinki3

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    Don't know why this is still here?

  5. Joker(Div)

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    Very useful, and awesome as always. :D

    Edit: What's the Unknown skill?
  6. AceHart

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    Where are you seeing that?

    If you made this yourself, give your Chaos ability a name, it doesn't come with one.
  7. Joker(Div)

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    I just reverted the spell's name (the one besides the "Advanced Buildings") to its original one.
  8. AceHart

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    Yep, that's "Chaos". Its "Text - Name" is empty originally...
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  9. Maapik

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    It's possible to have THREE construction menu, instead of two ? I can't figure how
  10. Sevion

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    Do this twice and give each of the builders two bear forms.

    Builder 1 - Bear Form 2, Bear Form 3
    Builder 2 - Bear Form 1, Bear Form 3
    Builder 3 - Bear Form 1, Bear Form 2
  11. Maapik

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    I Don't really got it... A demo map, maybe ? :eek:

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