[Multi-Platform] The Battle for Wesnoth FAQ and Map Guide [Turn Based Strategy]

Discussion in 'Gaming' started by The Helper, Dec 28, 2011.

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    This thread is for the Fantastic Free Turn Based Strategy Game

    The Battle for Wesnoth.


    Actual Game Site



    Anyway it is a great game if you like the hex based Turn Based Strategy games like
    Fantasy General which this game is based upon.

    This thread will be about Wesnoth Maps and which ones are good and which ones are crap. This is all about playing the game and my experiences so anyone else wanting to play Wesnoth can have someone to talk to!

    This game should be installed on every Windows computer next to solitaire and hearts, it is a free game.

  2. The Helper

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    [Add-On] Elvish Dynasty RPG


    You can download this map from the Add-On server and it is a great little RPG.

    I like to try and avoid fighting until the Coronation and see how much money I can save up to just throw waves at the massive battle campaign that happens in the storyline.

    I have not finished this yet but it is a great little RPG for Wesnoth that has killed a bunch of my time.

    I will add to this thread later some screenshots and strategy.
  3. The Helper

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    The Map Editor is probably the greatest thing about this game. It makes scripting stuff very easy if you can just figure out its syntax....

    I am sure there are forums for this and I will post them once I find them.
  4. Syndrome

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    Sounds a lot like Heroes: Might and Magic 3. I'll try it when I wake up tomorrow lol xD
  5. Moridin

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    I can vouch for this game. If you like:

    * Games that require you to think a bit
    * Tactical battle systems

    then you'll definitely like Battle for Wesnoth. I haven't had the opportunity to try out it's editor though, so I can't give comments on it. Some of the modules you get for it are astoundingly complex though; and have pretty good stories to boot.
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  6. The Helper

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    I am still playing this game. Not as much as before because I cannot recall the exciting town battle scenarios I was playing before. I am currently doing the Delfador one :)
  7. Accname

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    I was SO disappointed by this game when I got it.
    I was looking at the screenshots and got really happy. This looked amazing! I really wanted to play.
    Then I played it for one day and was devastated. SO much randomness in this game. Random miss chance, random evade chance, random damage. The outcome of the whole game is completely random...
    This is not a strategy game. This is a game with a good potential to become a strategy game. But right now its just gambling.
    I am still angry about it, because the game looks so promising...

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