Discussion My First Interactive Tutorial ^)^

So, I rewrote lessons 30-50 and am continuing to add new lessons as I have not yet gotten all of the information from the old edition into this new one. There is some new information as well and a lot of the more advanced stuff is much more clear ^)^. Also, exercise 50 is pretty hard ; ).

Do any of the lessons need work? Have I done well so far? Tx.

I'd also be interested in any ideas you guys might have to improve lessons ; P.

If anything seemed hard to understand in the slightest or complex at all, please let me know ;o. I'm aiming for something that's super easy to understand =).

I'm working on this for my saving and loading tutorial ; P. Each lesson is really tiny (very little text) ^)^. I've been told that the lessons are actually pretty interesting and fun to mess with =).

Tx all ^^

To get into the tutorial, just run the map.



FullOfUltimateTruthsAndEt ernalPrinciples, i.e shi
Lessons #45 & 48 are missing the DisplayText() call.

I think you should add a section on explaining where save/load can be used/is useful. In Single Player campaigns? Only multiplayer rpgs? Where?

And shouldn't a good encryption be done on the bits level aka block cipher (kinda overkill for a war3 map though). DES anyone =)?
Lessons #45 & 48 are missing the DisplayText() c
I fixed that about 20 minutes before you posted ; ).

I think you should add a section on explaining where save/load can be used/is useful. In Single Player campaigns? Only multiplayer rpgs? Where?
Perhaps a lesson 0? : )

And shouldn't a good encryption be done on the bits level aka block cipher (kinda overkill for a war3 map though). DES anyone =)?
While that is true, the resulting code would be too large. Encryption should increase the code size by a minimal amount. Small codes are more important than encryption.

The Scrambler library is good enough and does not add information to the code =).


Using nes's system you can change the password and the problem would be solved
Even though nes has put a lot of effort increasing security
ahh thats cool, i didnt get a chance to go over it : /
Yea encryption and security wise, my stuff uses the most advanced of all of the wc3 save/load resources. I also go over the various things I do in the tutorial (player unique scrambling of the code, player unique shuffling of the base, player unique checksums, CRC). Also, I talk about a good way to do version in save/load codes : ).

I believe in Encryption for wc3 that does not increase the code size. The encryption idea was DES, which I'm obviously not going to do as it would drastically increase code size : ).

Also, this tutorial is extremely easy to understand. Two guys, one a complete GUI noob and another a failure at math, read the tutorial and found it very easy to understand ; ). The avg time to get through the tutorial is around 2 hours I think.

I'm just hoping that this tutorial improves the save/load codes in ORPG maps ^)^. Smaller codes for me to type = happy face : D.
I have completely rewritten lessons 30-50. There is new information and everything got shifted around.

I currently don't have the rewrites for saving partial sets, advanced catalogs, or any of the security stuff. I'm in the process of still rewriting them : P.

It's been taking a long time, but hopefully the more advanced stuff is more clear ; ). I know a lot of people just stopped doing it after lesson 29. That was my fault as the quality of the lessons drastically decreased from 30+ as I was getting tired of writing the lessons ; O.

Also, practice problem 50 is very difficult ; o. It tells you to save 4 values in the correct order without giving you the order =). You have to use logic to figure it out. Also, because the problem is so large, it doesn't display the solution when you fail it : |.
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