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Hello community, the attachment here is my own map consisting only of heroes, that i had just rescently created. Can you please test it? im not pro at triggering, and just created something similar to WoW. Can you please test if illidan is easy or a hard boss? also there are scattered units and heroes if you like to test out.

My Map is has a 3mb file, i have to upload it to a website since could not upload it.

I will make a short summary about my classes, some of the tooltips are not correctly said, i'm still working on it.

....... Active Skills
///// Passive skills

... Taunt
... Shatterwave(damage+short duration stun),
... Thunderclap(damage+reduce attack speed debuff)
... Long Booze(long range teleport)
/// Seal of Command (AE +dmg melee, lifesteal for the tank)
/// Vindicate(+crit chance)

... Tidal Heal - chain heal, no reduced # per hit
... Rejuvanate - Heal over time skill... hp/mana heal
... Restore - AOE heal
... Tranquility - powerful heal over time, with low C.D.
... Sanctuary - powerful heal over time, with long C.D
... Mass Dispel - kills summon units, buff remover
... Guardian - instant shield, +dmg, +hp regen, +def, short duration
/// Sanguine - +hp regen buff, reduced magic damage taken for Healer
/// Potency - Crit chance up.

==========Damage Over Time===========
... Plague - AOE-DOT
... Stun Trap - short duration stun, detect stealth
... Leech - life stealer
... Summon Shadowfiend - summons 2 shadowfiends with some unique skills
... Voodoo Spirits - Swarms deals damage, short duration
/// Deadly Stench - debuff DOT
/// Recuperate - life regen up (Hastened Regeneration - when low health additional life regen up)
/// Dark Mark - def up, (reduced magic damage on caster)
/// Potency - Crit chance up.

============Instant Spell Damage==============
... Thunderbolt - Chain Damage
... Tidal Wave - Instant Damage
... Raging Tornadoes - summons 2 raging tornadoes (long range attacker), with 2 unique skills
... Incinerate - prevents spell casting, reduced attack speed
... Arcane Barrage - Powerful spell, does massive damage on nearby units
... Mana Barrier - Shield, no mana per hit point penalty
///Presence of Mind - AE mana regen. (reduced magic damage taken to the caster)
/// Potency - Crit chance up.

===============Long Range==============
... Explosive Shots - Chain Damage, reduced on next affected
... Arrowsong - deals additional +dmg summons lots of minions when affected target dies
... Flame Arrow - strongest arrow, deals additional fire damage.
... Freezing Arrow - deals additional +dmg, reduce movement speed
... Lethal Shot - Long range 1 shot, long cooldown
... Shadow Clone - makes 3 clones
/// Efficiency - mana regen up (stacks with other mana regens)
/// Survival Training - # chance to evade
/// Marksman - range damage up, Area Affect
/// Precision - Crit chance up.
/// Shield of the Dark Will - % to completely avoid an attack

... Battlecry - powerful spell, damage up with duration
... Blood Bath - up attack speed, up damage taken
... Ambush - Instant damage, up movement speed
... Summon Tracker - Summons 1 tracker, with some unique skills
... Whirlwind - powerful AOE damage with duration
... Disorient - Stuns target.
... Vanish - Trouble repeller
/// Bloodthirst - Crit chance up. damage up.
/// Double Edge - AOE normal melee attack
/// Rend and Tear - Crit chance up. damage up.
/// Mocking Blow - Crit chance up. damage up. % chance to stun
----Melee has a skill that grants him a lifesteal attack when low health


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I'm willing to test it out :)

Name is Holygiant on USEast, throw me a whisper or leave me a message in my profile if you need me ^^
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