My Map Kicks People!


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When I start up my map, people start as wisps, with 6 of their own hero's in a box, along with all the other player's same amount of hero's in a box. (Ex. Blue has six heros, green has six heros..) The wisps start in a room where they select what class they want to play as. (There are six classes). If they go near the person they want to play as, it moves the hero they selected from that box, and to the start of the map. It also kills all other of their own heros. Whenever a person picks their class, they get kicked from the game. Even red gets kicked if he goes in. It's really frustrating because i spent 4 days on this mp, just to see that it wont work. Help! :banghead:


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That's mean the trigger problem. Please show the trigger "picking their class" here so we can solve it.

Get kick may means:
1. wc3error which may comes from trigger or infinite loop.
2. That trigger function.
3. Disconnected from internet by some reason eg. laggy.


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Do you use the action "pan camera if necessary to ...." ?
If yes: Delete it! And use any other kamera-panning function! This causes a desync which is just the effect you described and which 'kicks' the player.

It's the only GUI function that actually is unsafe. Of course there is a lot of stuff you can do wrong with GetLocalPlayer() in Jass :D
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