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I already have a thread but that was about finding somebody to help me out. This thread will have all the info and progress of my TD. First...some information. The game will have 4 regular builders with 8 towers each, and of course all the towers upgrade. And there will be 4 ultimate builders with 3 towers each. The regular builders are beast, human, evil, and poison. The ultimate builders are fire, flying, goblin, and power. The TD will have 2 spawn points and there will be 9 defenders.

Now for some extra things that Im doing. First of all there is water surrounding the TD. Every player will have a shipyard. During every round of the TD some ships will be spawned in the water. Every kill that a player gets will of course add gold. The players dont have to kill the ships if they dont want as the ships will die after each round. Im also hoping to find a way that if a player builds in anothers area the person whos area they are building in has to approve it before the tower will be built. I will probably do this with regions. Right now Im making each tower a custom unit and finishing upgrades.

Heres a picture of the entire map in world editor-New Version

And just to put it up here...heres the old version. Its scary...I know. I probably spent 2 minutes on it-Old Ugly Version

Yeah...theres a big difference. Im still not sure about a name so if you have any suggestions let me know.


if it was a free for all you could name it war of the races or something.


I made sure theres enough room around the side to build.


From the depths, I come.
Yeah, that map isnt to scale, those sides are probably 4-5 towers deep.
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