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MyMiniCity FAQ - MMC Tips and Tricks

MMC Tools

MMC Link Exchanges - tools for increasing Visits

  • Yarolds * Join a Dynasty to Increase your Visits - UPDATE place is still going strong.
  • MiniVille Site ** Over 1400 cities in the Exchange - Place still seems to be around 09/2013
  • Autoclics Link Exchange * The Fastest Exchange Out There - Over 400 cities in the Exchange! - UPDATE - as of 9/7/013 the exchange has over a thousand cities in it and is going strong
  • Utopia Link Exchange ** Over 1000 cities in the exchange as of 9/7/2013 this Exchange is still Active!
  • Hydra System * Over 300 cities in the Exchange - Now over 600 cities in exchange as of 9/7/13
  • Benidaver - 450 cities in the Exchange - Not Checked yet
  • * Not Recommended - Not Checked yet
  • No Longer Maintained --- MMC Bulletin Exchange Link List* Please add your city to the List --- No Longer Maintained

This FAQ is a Work in Progress.
Please post any mistakes that you might find in this thread. Thanks!

Hope this Helps!

A Final Thought!

UPDATE 9/8/2013 - I am going through and vetting the FAQ and updating to now. I also have the city back on the exchanges and am moving up in the US again :) It is possible this FAQ might get its own forum like the Site Story.
MyMiniCity Tips: Get people to click your link

How do you get people to visit your myminicity?

- Add a link to your myminicity in your signatures of any forums you post in. If they don't let you have signatures, add the signature manually to the bottom of every post. Then get to posting.

- Add a link to your myminicity to your email signature.

- Make sure your myminicity is the profile homepage link for any forums you are registered for.

- Visit the big MyMiniCity Community forums and introduce yourself in their introduction threads. Make sure you have your city url in your signature. See if you can sign up for link exchanges on those sites - the CreateMyCity site has a link exchange program you can't use unless you have so many posts. Click some welcome cities links and tell them about it. Get involved in those forums and those people will click your links.

- Finally, if you have MySpace, post a Blog about your myminicity in a bulletin.
MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - MyMiniCity FAQs - Increasing the different City Factors

MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks
Increasing the different City Factors

You have 6 Factors that you can increase in the Game. You earn the links to the different factors based on your population.

Population (You begin with this)
Industry (50 population) add /ind to the end of your city url
Transportation (100 population) add /tra to the end of your city url
Security (250 population) add /sec to the end of your city url
Environment (500 population) add /env to the end of your city url
Business (1000 population) add /com to the end of your city url

A percentage chart shows on you MyMiniCity page. 0% is good for all but transportation which should always be kept close to 100%. As the different factors change people can leave your city for a job, or you could lose a factory to vandalism, people can leave because of traffic jams, smog, etc.

The links that you click for the different factors are known but not available until you reach certain population benchmarks. They are noted in the Factor List above.

This guide is a work in progress. If you see typos or things that are wrong let me know. If you have any more information about the game let me know.
MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks: using /XML

MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks
MyMiniCity and /XML

It can take a while for your city to load and when you are click exchanging with another city it is useful to see there stats before you visit the city so you know what to help. That is where /xml comes in. You type the url of the city and end it with /xml displays

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <city>
<name>TheHelper Town</name>
<region code="US">united states</region>
<bases com="0" env="37" ind="200" sec="88" tra="113" />

You can see that we have 1% unemployment so you would visit my industry link.

The numbers at the bottom stand for the current points you have towards those factors.

UPDATE - some new information in on the <nextnuke> and <signatures> tags in the XML. From enouwee

MyMiniCity <nextnuke> and <signatures> tags

<nextnuke> and <signatures> are fields used in with the expansion which allows people to sign a petition to bomb your city.
MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks: Yarolds Link Exchange

Please note: Do not use this service if you can't use Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links with this service as it will slow your computer to a halt. You need Firefox at least to use this.

A nifty trick with Snap Links to select all the links on a page is to start your selection then hit the END key on your keyboard. It will take you to the end of the page and you can easily select all the links on the page. This trick works great with Yarolds.

Yarolds is a little different than the other Click Exchanges. Yarolds does not have an automatic visitor. You have to actually click the links and it has a limit on how many it will display at a time. It handles a number of other clicking games besides MyMiniCity.

You can also get involved in Dynasties in Yarolds, which are clicking groups (this guide will explain them).

You can bank credits and give those credits to other people.

You can buy credits with real money.

Yarolds is real easy to use. You have to sign up at which only takes a second. After you sign up you have to enter your city url or other game link - if it is Dragons Cave put the link to your scroll not your eggs. If it is MyMiniCity only put one link to your main city url. You can have up to 5 links in the profile (you will not be able keep those going all the time and you should not use them all). After that you are clicking links. The links should open up in a new tab (if you are using Firefox which is the only way to use the Yarolds Service) and you just start clicking links. It takes a while to get use to the way the site works but it tracks your clicks and gives you credit when you click on the links and then people click your links back.

Yarolds brings about 300+ clicks a day.

Here are some more tips and some help with the Yarold site Tips for Yarold's

CreateMyCity Forum Yarolds Thread

My MiniCity Guide for Massive Population

Update on the Yarold's Service - Love It! - it works great for Dragon Cave if you play that game.

The Helper Tips

The more times you visit Yarolds a day the more chances you will get to click links. In the minimum, you should visit at least twice a day. Try to space visits out as far as you can apart. Each game has its own rules on how many people can visit a day so the Service tries to accomodate all. This is good and bad. It means that you can click people multiple times a day gaining credits even though it does not count with the game but people can also do the same with you eating your credits. Everyone on Yarolds clicks whatever links are available whether or not they know it counts or not - that is just the way it is because Yarolds limits the number of links you can click on the number it has displayed and at Yarolds your goal is always to click all the links.

NOTE - if you are in a Dynasty you can still click links hidden from the dynasty in the History section of people that clicked you - though it will not count as a dynasty click.

If you are in a Dynasty always click the Dynasty Links first. That will keep you in the Dynasty and the Dynasty clickers are your elite. They know the rules for all the games and you can always count on them to get it right consistently.

That is the main theme behind Yarolds. Intelligent clickers. These are not robots and they will adapt to your clicking game and click correctly. Especially in a Dynasty.

I have much more to write about Yarolds and this section is definitely a Work in Progress. Stay Tuned.
MyMiniCity FAQ - Tips and Tricks - Tend My City

Tend My City is a link exchange service which basically uses a pop up window to visit all the cities in the queue. The author has added a Java element which is a smart link - you can adjust whether or not you want to give all the hits to a single factor or a smart link which gives what is best. You will have to install Java if you do not have it (real easy) but the addition of the smartlink is worth the Java.

You want to use Flash Block and Firefox with this service.

TMC opens up a new window and visits cities. When it has visited enough cities it will tell you how long you will remain in the queue and you can exit or just leave it running. You can adjust the time it waits before it visits city. The default is 30, I use 10, if MyMiniCity is running great you can crank it down to -1 and it will cruise through it. Currently I use a value of 5.

This service currently as of 06/21/08 has 200 members and many of those are using other services. It is OK for getting a few more clicks and the options allow you to target the clicks to a certain factor but this one I have to say only use if you are hungry and looking for a few extra clicks. This services users are shared among the other English Click Services and does not make that big of difference if you accidently skip a day or two.

If you dont use any of the other services you can get 200 clicks a day from this service. I recommend running this service at least twice a day, once in the morning and once the evening spaced apart from the City Resets.

I recommend this service as an extra choice if you are going to run the 5 link exchanges a day to get maximum results. If you are just trying to get as many clicks for the least amount of time you can bypass this one but if you can handle the slowdown running Java gives you can keep this running 24-7 and it would be fine. Java on older computers like mine and my remotes is a killer and sometimes I dont have access to install it if I am not an Administrator. Makes it hard to use on some remote computers.

Please note: For best results use Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links with this service

Tend My City has a thread on here

CreateMyCity forums has a good Tend My City Tutorial thread.

UPDATE - AS OF 09/06/2013 Site seems to be gone.
MyMiniCity Tutorials - MyMiniCity Tips - Efficiently checking your MyMiniCity city

Once you get addicted to MyMiniCity you are going to be visiting your MyMiniCity city all the time. The most efficient way to view your MyMiniCity progress is use MyMiniCity /XML but then you cant easily view your MyMiniCity city.

What you need to do is use Firefox to watch your city and install FlashBlock. If you Internet Explorer dont worry because you can have both installed on your computer an even have both browsers open at the same time no problem.

Once you have installed Firefox and FlashBlock you can bookmark your MyMiniCity city url in your Firefox Bookmarks and your MyMiniCity city page will load so much faster. If you want to view the MyMiniCity city you can just click the arrow like on a youtube video and it will play the flash and you can see what you want.

If you are a MyMiniCity Addict - addicted to watching your MyMiniCity city grow use this tip to really save yourself some time.

Please see the more updated and recent Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links Section
MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - MyMiniCity FAQ - Posting in Bulletins for return visits

MyMiniCity Tips: Posting in Bulletins for return visits

The following cities will return visits if you post in their bulletins - If you would like to be added to this list just reply to this thread and let me know.


If you would like to be added to this list just reply to this thread and let me know.

Post in their bulletin what your city name is and what factor you increased. Use this list best with Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links and you can visit all those xmls at one time. Go to the window for each city, look at the xml then add the right thing at the end

base url of city for population
/ind - factories
/env - parks
/tra - roads
/sec - police
/com - shops
/xml current stats does not count as visit

use MyMiniCity /XML to find out which factor to visit. Many people like to roleplay so your bulletin message might include

"a new inhabitant comes to your town from <your cityname>"
"new roads for you from <your cityname>"
"more police added from <your cityname>"
"a factory for you from <your cityname>"
"shops for you from <your cityname>"

Make sure you always identify your city name in the bulletin post - every time you visit any other myminicity city in the game.

Please note that the MyMiniCity bulletin system is flakey in that it does not always post your messages. A couple of extra clicks on the post button can help that. Also, you cannot post links or .net or anything like that in the bulletins. You will not get any message, the bulletins are just dropped. Always identify yourself by your cityname (the first part of your city url - ie thehelper is my cityname
MyMiniCity FAQ - MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - Hydra System

I just found a new Link Exchange type of deal called the Hydra System. It has about 350 cities in the exchange.

It is a Polish site but luckily it has an English option.

Make sure you use Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links with this service.

You will have to enable pop ups for the site in order for it to work. I set it for 5 windows (default 3) and left the default refresh at 10 and it seems to be going on. I have no results to report yet but getting started was easy enough and it seems to be clicking away.

This service has a limit of 500 visits a day. That means it will only allow 500 people a day click on links and get return clicks. This is not an issue because the service does not have more than 500 cities in its exchange.

You need to visit the site and run the Auto Visitor AT LEAST 2 Times a day. The best time is first thing after the server reset and and again 8 to 12 hours later.

If MyMiniCity is responding well you can use the Visitor which will automatically visit cities. You can change the number of windows it opens up to 5 if MyMiniCity is responding well.

The Link Exchange is the other place you can click links. Just keep clicking the links on the Link Exchange Page and refresh the page until it stops giving you new links. Use Firefox, Flashblock and Snap Links to most efficiently work this page.

This program works well and even though you have to visit twice a day it is pretty quick to do everything you need to do and it delivers consistent visits.

CreateMyCity Forums has a great thread on the Hydra System - for more info give them a visit.

This service locks a city to an IP. Once you have used the service on an IP address you can never use the service on that same IP for a different city. I have remote computers that I like to run link exchanges on friends and you just cannot do it well with this one.

If you have remotes I suggest you use Autoclics or Utopia.

This is a really good exchange because it has people in it that are not in other exchanges. During my testing of all these services when I skipped a day of using Hydra there was a noticeable drop indicating its Polish origins have some users unique to the service.

-Updated 10/10/08 Hydra got a new server so the owner has updated the Visits limit to 500!

Updated 9/9/13 The exchange has over 600 cities and is still going strong.
MyMiniCity FAQ - MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - Full Screen Big View Zoom

Here is how you get a nice big full screen view of your city. You are going to need Internet Explorer for this as it has the Zoom Function. Center the view in Downtown, then go View and Full Screen, then depending on your screen resolution adjust the zoom until the city fills your entire screen. Presto, nice Full Screen Zoom of the City. Here it is on ours - My Zoom was set to 200% on this one.


  • untitled.JPG
    218.5 KB · Views: 1,493
MyMiniCity FAQs: MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links

Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links

In order to best visit cities, use link exchanges, and to work with the various quirks of MyMiniCity you will get the most efficient experience if you use Firefox as your browser with the the Add-ins. Firefox 3 is out now. All the tools here work with it.

FlashBlock - Makes Flash have a youtube like play button and keeps it from loading which reduces system resources when you have multiple firefox windows open

SNAP LINKS FOR FIREFOX 3 - Snap Links for Firefox 2 - You can Left Click to select Multiple Links to open up in Windows. Great to use to visit Multiple Cities from Link Lists. It is so easy to drag to click stuff it makes clicking lazy and I like it.

A nifty trick to select all the links on a page is to start your selection then hit the END key on your keyboard. It will take you to the end of the page and you can easily select all the links on the page. This is especially handy on the Yarold's Service.
I have updated the FAQ today.

I updated the Hydra System section with my conclusions on that service.

I added more cities that will return visits to the MyMiniCity Bulletin Return Visit Link List

I added a better section on Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links to best use the different Link Exchange services.

I went into the whole FAQ and added links to the new Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links section for all of the Link Exchange posts and wherever that information was mentioned in the FAQ.

Deleted some off topic posts and minor cleanup. Anybody see anything funny please let me know.
MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks: MyMiniCity FAQs MyMiniCity Web Site Plug-Ins and Widgets

There are a number of tools built by the the community to help insert MyMiniCity Stats and other features into your website, forum profile signatures, myspace, or blogs.

This script creates a little stats box

This is a Chinese Widget that creates a graphical stats box


Google Code MyMiniCity Widget (looks similar to the Chinese one)

MyMiniCity Graphic Statistic Counter

MyMiniCity at Widgetbox

Cool MyMiniCity Widgets

Word Press Plugin that creates automatic links to you MyMiniCity and displays its data

Turn XML into XHTML via XSLT

Check out our MyMiniCity Integration into VBulletin - TheHelper Town
MyMiniCity FAQ - MyMiniCity Tips and Tricks - MiniVille Site

MiniVille Site is another link exchange program with a couple hundred members and an autovisitor similar to the Hydra system. The only problem is the site is in French but with some translation it is easy to sign up for this service and starts the clicks rolling in.

I was able to easily create an account, and using Firefox, Flash Block and Snap Links have started the autovisitor. It opens up two windows and visits cities 2 at a time. A time seems to indicate that it will take 100 minutes to finish. I guess we will see.

CreateMyCity Forums has good information on the MiniVille Site Link Exchange program

I will update this post with more information when I get it. I am also going to write a little guide with what you need to get going translated. Stay tuned...

This site works real well. It has an autovisitor that visits over a thousand sites. I have not been able to tell how many clicks a day it is bringing in but it is easy to use and runs quitely in the background for about an hour. The Link to the forum thread above has instructions on how to get signed up with the French Translation so there is no need to redo that. I have added this to my daily click routine as it only needs to be started, checked on in about an hour, and stopped.

UPDATE 05/19/08

I had misconfigured my city. I created a French City and I have been getting that clicked on instead of my city. I was very curious as to why my clicks did not go up. I went in and added world_ to the url in front of my city and now its all set. WOW, is all I can say. So far this Exchange is the best. It brings in around 1500 clicks I think, though I will know more tomorrow. This one is Fantastic and if you only have time to do one Link Exchange this is the one you want to use. Approved!
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