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Hahaha I'm back once again asking for yet another passive spell for my Naga Diabolist hero. I don't care whether or not it's offensive or defensive. I would prefer offensive, but if I like the defensive I will go w/ that too so I'll take any ideas... So far his spells are a tsunami spell which just casts crushing waves in a circle around him, second spell is a curse that hexes a target, then unhexes, then hexes again and his ult is a large AoE slow nova that does damage as well. He's based on water...


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a not ultimate ability for a water based hero right? how about these:

Drowining Aura: (Passive)
steals X*Skilllevel mana points from all enemys within 500 range each second.

Hard Rain:
calls for a heavy rain shower in a region. all enemys within that region will get slowed movement speed, all allys (including the caster) will get healed by X*Skilllevel hitpoints per second.

Water Servants: (Passive)
Each time the naga diabolist kills an opponent there is a X*Skilllevel chance to summon X*Skilllevel water minions from his corpse.


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The drowning aura is interesting... but kinda imbalanced no matter what way I spin it, and I don't really want him summoning =/... Any other ideas... *P.S. - +rep anyways... Just letting you know haha They were good ideas :)*
Suffocating Aura/Aqualung Aura (whatever :p)

Fills nearby enemies' throats/lungs with water (something along those lines), causing them to take damage and be silenced each time they cast a spell. Deals 50/100/200 damage each time an enemy unit within 300/450/600 range casts a spell. The silence lasts 4/8/12 seconds.

(hopefully there is some nice waterylooking aura graphics you can use for this one. Whenever the enemy casts a spell there should appear some kind of splash of water effect attached to the units head)

Electric scales

Each time an enemy attacks the Naga Diabolist, there is a 11/33/66% chance that they will be zapped by electricity, dealing X instant damage to them and slowing their movement and attack speed by 20%/40%/60% for X seconds as well as dealing 2/5/10 damage per second to them for the duration of the slow effect.

(My suggestion is that the zap effect is based of chain lightning, and the slow/damage per second effect will look like the unit is electrified, maybe purge graphics would work?)

Trying to come up with more ideas ;)


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Cursed Waters
Drenches the naga in waters that has a chance to curse targets that strike the Naga.
-Cursed units are frozen in stone for 2 seconds followed by 8 seconds of slowed muscle movement (slow).


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summon the seas

creates 1+skilllevel seas at 2000 distance with a random angle. the seas come ruching in, stunning(drawning) every enemy unit it castches on it's path. 2 minute cooldown. the contact with the water repleshihes a bit of mana/life of the caster.

liquefie earth

makes the earth liquid, increasing the movement speed of the naga by 50%, and decreasing the speed of enemies by 33% attack speed of both parties is decreaded by 10% (mud is in the way)

water clone caging (stole this idea from naruto)

splits in 2, an causes 1 of the 2 to cast water cage on an enemy. the caster and the caged unit cant do anything, so they are basicly stunned. watercage caster has 15% hp of the original. the one left to fight has 85%


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Just to reclarify I am looking for passive spells XD. And uhh... I like the damage+silence on spell cast, but I already have a spell like that.. That is a little more on the lines of what I am looking for though I suppose...


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You could do something simple like a % chance to cast (on attack) that one wave spell that is carrion swarm with a water animation.

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Aqua Scarlet:
Enchances all of Naga's spells.
Passively increases mana regeneration of the Diabolic Nage for an amount equal to (your values here)
Tsunami augment - Tsunamis flow through each enemy for a x / 1.5x / 2x / 2.5x bonus damage, where x is the number of units hit by the tsunami.
Hex augment - while hexed the unit has y / 1.8y / 2.5y / 3.3y decreased resistance to spells, where y is a number of your choice (preferbably around 8-10%, fro balance issues)
Slow Nova Augment - Increase AoE by 20%/30%/40%, where 100% is the current AoE of the skill.

Simplified, a more advanced version from Tinker's augment ability. I hope it helped.


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oh... forgot that... let me revise my skills then:p

wandering spirit

at all times there wanders a spirit within 500 range of the diabolist, that has a 10% chance to liquifie the earth around a unit that comes within 500 range of the spirit. tha unit becomes stunned for 4 seconds. the spirit is uncontrollable.

last resort.

when the diabolits hp drop below 75% there is a 10% chance that he gets enpowerd by watergods that give him a 20 second 10% damage an attck speed bonus. at 50% hp this chance is 20%, and is a 20 second +25% bonbus
at 25% its a 33.33333% chance for a 25 second 40% bonus
You never said what you thought about Electric Scales ;)

But I'll try to think up some more abilities...

Azharas (sp?) Blessing

The Naga Diabolists weapon has been blessed by Azshara, giving him a 5%/10%/15% chance of doing a forceful strike each time he attacks, dealing 500 damage.
If the attacked unit dies from this attack, the Diabolist will instantly do a brutal swipe with his weapon, hitting all units in 200 [or melee] range of the dying unit for 100/300/500 damage.

(You could also add: A Mur'Gul servant will also spawn from the corpse of each unit killed by this attack [that is to say the total amount of units ever killed when this ability "procs"], ready to do the Naga Diabolists bidding for a short time.

However this could potentially be a bit too many effects procced by this attack, making it feel a bit ridicolous or exagerrated.)


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water snake: A serpent from the depths circle the casting hero causing damage to anything it touches.

water explosion: The hero stomps the floor with such might a circle of water forms around the hero and gets bigger killing anything in its path.

both require quite alot of triggering so if you like this speel and not shure how to do it i can help just post here or message me


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Siphon Pool - Reduces all enemies' speed within (x) by half and slowly brings them towards the caster. The radius and speed the enemy is pulled back increase with each level and, when near water, the speed of the enemy is reduced to 1/4.

Black Tides - Passive aura that slowly reduces all nearby enemies' health and gives a chance to reduce vision for each enemy in the area ever 20 seconds for (x) seconds (rerolled for each enemy in the radius). Range, damage, and duration of curse increase by level.


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Water Snake-
creates a tidepool of water that slithers to the targeted point damaginf and slowing all the units in its path

:p sitll got barely any ideas


Deep Sea Curse:
The power of the deep seas weighs down on the Diabolist's enemies when he attacks them, reducing their attack speed by 20% and causes them to take damage when they move. Lasts 5 seconds.

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Rebirth of the Sea
For each spell that the naga hero casts, he gets a percent chance that the ocean will revive a fallen unit to help fight for it for a short duration. Do a cool watery effect to raise up fallen heros.

Aquatic Calling
If the naga hero is within a certain distance of water, he gains an extra water damage bonus and he regains mana at a much faster rate.
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