Name some things you would find in an office

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by WindexGlow, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. WindexGlow

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    This is going to seem pretty random, but I need some things you would find in an office from the date 1990 - modern day.
    Everything from ceiling types, to things the size of staplers and small will work.

    I need this information on a game I'm about to mod within 1-2 weeks, called Penumbra Overture. It's probably one of the scarier horror games out there.

    In penumbra And my mod, there are NO guns. There are NO zombies. There are NO people. Instead of taking a shotgun out to kill an enemy, you use the environment to hide from it, or to hurt it (occasionally kill it)

    The game's setting is based in an office style.
    Your answers will greatly influence and improve my mod, so Please Be Mature.
    +Rep for being mature.
    -rep for acting immature.

    I recently made a thread containing exactly this, but the site started slowing down. Right now, the topic I originally made shows no information, so please delete it.
  2. Cornface

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  3. Miz

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    Computer, Desk, Couches, Lights, Printer, TV, Telephone
    Umm Those tube lights i forgot what there called
    File Draws, Fake Plants
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  4. ArmedCitizen

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    Pens, Pencils, Paper, Fax Machines, Printers, Copiers, Computers, Keyboards, Speakers, Computer Chairs, Tables, Plastic Chairs, Projectors, T.V.'s, Carpet, Walls, Fans, Air Conditioners, Angry People with Ties, Windows, Doors, Desks, CD's, Mice (For Computers), Pictures, Pencil Holders, Coffee Cups, Coffee Mugs, Microwaves, Fridges, Cabinets, Coffee Makers, Boxes, Staplers, Hole Punchers, Rulers, Stairs, Lights, Phones

    I will add more later that's what I can brain storm for now.

    EDIT: Mouse Pads, Soft Drinks, Fast Food, Books, Folders, Elevators, Cell Phones, Remotes, Fountains, Head Phones, Speakers, Web Cams, Paper Holders, Vending Machines, Desk Lamps, blinds, clocks, waste baskets, recycling bins, plants, paper trays
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  5. WindexGlow

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    Thanks for the replies so far.
    This doesn't relate to this topic, but here's a picture of what I'm currently working on (trying to get a small office style setting)
    Things to keep in mind:
    -I am having a small bug with HPL that makes the walls not show up. Because of this, objects look like they're not on anything.
    -This is a work in progress, and only have 5 different model types.
    -I am fairly new at modeling. This level of quality (quite low) will not be in my mod. It will be alot higher. I plan to begin the mod in 1-2 weeks.
    -Light is red to simulate a flare has been placed in the room.

    Maya screen shot (objects are not textured due to objects having non-textured collision boxes. Since penumbra uses very precise physics, it is much easier on the engine to have simple collision instead of complex collision on objects)

  6. WindexGlow

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    Daily bump.
  7. Demi666

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    well that depends what office it is? if its normal work office problebly.. hmm

    a computer
    a wireless internet modem:p?
    bookshelf with books in
    idk what it called but outside doors you put pappers and reports in it on our school they have it in teachers office

    maybe a cactus also? our pricipal has 1 in his office
    fax machines?
    phones? i repost if i come upp with more ideas!! btw nice pics <3
  8. Vellu

    Vellu Real eyes realize real lies.

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    Notebooks, trash can, papers, office chairs, computers, computer desks, suitcases, lamps, pen, pencils, rubbers and rules. That's all for now.
  9. 1JadedJen

    1JadedJen Send Lawyers, Guns and Money

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    If we are starting at 1900 you could put typewriters and dictaphones and other non so sophisticated things
  10. WindexGlow

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    Thanks for the replies people =]
  11. WorldEditor

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  12. Bartuc08

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    this really has nothing to do with whats in an office but its about your game...

    ok if your gonna use drastic light changes from say a dark hole to the open sky, can u make it so once you enter a dark area its almost pitch black, but the longer your there things start to take shape , sorta like your eyes getting accustomed to the change. and when u go outside everything is super bright, and after a while it comes down to a tolerable level.

    and also, you should put like a 6-shot revolver in someone's desk, but have it locked up and a key hidden somewhere else (perhaps on a dead body). just kinda throw it in there not really as a weapon that you'll keep and use later on in the game, but something that if you get in a really tight situation you have 6 shots, and thats it...

    as for things you might find in an office, fire extinguishers, cigar boxes, duct tape (lol), pictures of friends and family (if you want to add a random signature to your map, put pictures of your family/friends in the frames)

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