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Thought of it on the ride home, wrote it down immediately when I got back. This bit was written fairly spontaneously, so I myself am not entirely clear on the details. I figured there would be enough time to figure out the little things later and just wrote so as not to break my flow.

I'm probably going to pursue this further, it looks like it could be intriguing.

CnC please.

“It is a coward’s way to run,” the Prince scowled, striding with his long legs alongside his old friend and counselor, “I will not flee to save my skin.”

“Then will you flee to save your people?” the older man asked sharply, turning to stare at his young charge, all the while never breaking his stride. “You are being selfish. This is not about your pride or your honor.”

The Prince seemed to diminish at those words of reprimand, back into the boy he truly was. His shoulder slumped miserably, and he said, “I… I am sorry, my friend. I did not think.”

The older man’s glare softened, as did his voice, “It is I who must apologize, my prince. I spoke out of grief and anger. Forgive me. It is not your fault. You are too young.”

The two walked in silence then, until they reached the end of the hall, where stood an imposing door of heavy black oak, decorated with patterns both intricate and mysterious.

Far behind them they could hear the sound of clashing steel.


She saw them standing before the arch: Callum and the slim, graceful figure that she knew so well. “Brother, brother!”

And he turned, his expression twitching strangely as if he did not quite know how to react.

It did not matter. Tears flying from her face as she ran. She leapt into his arms and hugged him, tighter than she had ever done, so tight that she thought she might never let go.

She heard his breath, short and labored, and felt as he at last returned her gesture, wrapping his arms around her and holding her tight to his chest.

“My prince,” Callum spoke finally, his voice tender but pressing.

“I know,” she heard him reply in a voice sadder than she had ever heard him use, and then gently loosen her embrace.

“I must go, Naiya,” he said, his voice constricted.

Go? Go where? She looked up at him with bewildered eyes.

“Away,” her brother said, and then stopped, “The line of Eldaron must not fail.”

And in an instant she understood.

“No,” she whispered, disbelieving.

“I must,” was all he said.

The archway filled with energy.

“The portal is ready, my lord,” one of the magi reported.

The tumult outside was getting louder, they were almost to the dial

“No, no, no, no, no!” She cried, “Don’t leave me. Not now. Not now, brother. Not you too.”

He did not respond, only looked distantly into the swirling mass that was before him.

“Remember, my prince, stay safe. Kieran will find you when the time is right,” said Callum quickly.

Her brother nodded, once, and then bending, he gripped her shoulders with his hands and whispered, “Naiya… now I must go…” The doors, shut and barred by the soldiers behind them, began to rock. “But I swear, by the sun, the moon, and the stars, that I will return.” Booming. The door shattered, and the guards rushed forward to engage. “I will return.

“GO!” Callum shouted, drawing his own sword as the enemy poured into the room.

“I promise you.” And then he, her brother, and her only family left in the world, stepped out into the unknown.

The mist swallowed him, and within, he spun one last time to look into her eyes.

It tore his heart, to see her eyes, but he did not look away.

And then something else tore his heart, and as he fell, he heard his sister scream, and scream, and scream - a sound so terrible and so beautiful at the same time… and it followed him into the darkness…
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  • The Helper The Helper:
    I was hoping you were going to say you wanted to be a cook and wished to open up a Food Truck there are so many opportunities for that here
  • The Helper The Helper:
    you can only open the bar if you sell food and a food truck in the parking lot counts
  • The Helper The Helper:
    here in houston
  • The Helper The Helper:
    most bars are struggling to build food prep and even some I know are doing there own food trucks
  • The Helper The Helper:
    but yeah man you should come to Houston there is so much more opportunity here than San Antonio. Just look at all the homeless people on the Riverwalk and downtown there you cannot even walk down the street without getting mobbed them
  • The Helper The Helper:
    check out this place apparently it is the best roommate site out there roommates.com lol
  • Varine Varine:
    The homeless people reminded me of New York
  • Varine Varine:
    I'll check it out, my lease expires in like a few months so I need to figure something out.
  • Varine Varine:
    I tried to open a food truck in Sandpoint a few years ago but the city said no, then like two years later they passed new laws to encourage it and gave them all fucking tax breaks and shit. And at that point I didn't have enough money to go buy one so I was way too late to the game once other cities realized they could just bring their existing truck there, or sell their brick and mortar.
  • Varine Varine:
    I do like food trucks though, they're way more fun than restaurants and usually I also get some of that tip money there.
  • Varine Varine:
    Restaurants are really hard if you don't have a back up source of income to fund them sometimes, in my experience most owners either got really really lucky, had existing money that allowed them to buy an already successful one, or they have family money to fall back on for loans. It's few and far between to see very inspiring success stories where the person actually got it through hard work and perseverance. I thought about opening one lots and I always just end up not thinking it'll work. I would much rather just find someone that has that money and go work for them
  • The Helper The Helper:
    i am not talking about opening a brick and mortar I am talking about food trucks though I have seen some brick and mortar mexican places open up during covid that are doing good because there food is awesome!
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Food trucks are killing out here because Bars cannot open unless they sell food and the governor ok'd the use of a food truck in front as serving food
  • The Helper The Helper:
    Just not enough food trucks
  • The Helper The Helper:
    a buddy of mine just opened up a food truck and he is killing it but he is a great cook and has awesome food right in the middle of the pandemic too food trucks are immune to pandemic because they are take out in Texas you will always be able to get take out or delivery
  • The Helper The Helper:
    He is in the different food facebook groups in houston and posts videos of him making his food
  • The Helper The Helper:
    he is killing it
  • jonas jonas:
    @Varine with the restaurants, there surely is a lot of luck and hard work but most restaurants fail because they suck. Flair isn't right, economics not well thought through, food is mediocre or sucks, location is bad, etc. If you're thinking about opening one, make sure you're looking at the stories of those that would be playing at your level, don't let your hopes be dragged down by all the subpar restaurants out there.
  • jonas jonas:
    I'm a bit worried about the future of data science, there's an influx of incompetent people hired by incompetent managers, that can't last. But I'm sure smart data scientists will always be useful and hireable. Same as smart security people.
  • jonas jonas:
    My sister in law worked in a vegan food truck, the owners were also making a killing, added several trucks and opened two restaurants over 5 years
  • Ghan Ghan:
    The CompTIA stuff is pretty much crap unfortunately. The places that ask for those low-level certs aren't likely places you want to work. For IT you really want a degree, but in the meantime you need to figure out some way to learn the skills. Cybersecurity is really hot right now so competition is fierce.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    I realized I don't have anything much to say, other than "Good luck!". Compared to other places, I'm just very lucky we didn't have a lot of surges of cases coming in.
  • The Helper The Helper:
    My daughter just got back from school at Georgetown TX, outside of Austin and said there were 100 cases in the last week but she also said nobody was wearing a mask anywhere so people mask up and stay safe!
  • thewrongvine thewrongvine:
    happy thanksgiving folks!

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