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This is my first SpellPack, it includes 3 spells. I worked on it on the past few days, I hope you enjoy it. :) Everything is MUI

Swift Attack

The <<Hero>> chooses a victim, and using the aid of the air he moves toward it with a great speed, ignoring all obsitacles and it's way and it hits it with a great force.

Level 1: 60 mana, 10 seconds cooldown, 600 range attack deals 20-25 damage.
Level 2: 85 mana, cooldown of 12, 750 range, attack deals 40-50.
Level 3: 100 mana, 12.5 cooldown, 850 range, attack deals 60 - 75.

Nature's Protection

Every 30 seconds has a chance to summon trees that will attack the <<Hero>>'s enemies, dealing 30 damage to them.

Level 1: 15% Up to 2 enemies.
Level 2: 30% Up to 3 enemies.
Level 3: 45% Up to4 enemies.

Air Shade

The <<Hero>> gains the nature's look as he masters in this ability, helping him avoiding attacks that could have usually hit him. Also the <<Hero>> becomes harder to see (for players).

Level 1:Still pretty easy to see. Has 10% to ignore attacks.
Level 2: Harder to see the <<Hero>>. 30% to dodge.
Level 3: The hero is now nearly invisible to players! 55% To avoid harmful attacks.

In the second picture you can see the 2d and 3ed spells.

I would be happy to hear any comments. I'm working on another SpellPack, but I don't know when / if I release it.



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Nice spells (+rep :p)
btw in the 1st picture i didn't understand a thing of what happened
and also fix that: "invisible" and not "invisable" :D

Edit: i must spread rep until i give u mabye l8
lol start by giving me sum:D

anyways the natures protection or w/e it was named didt work with the 3 trees cuz u disabled it.. -,-
Yup, Doom, fixing right now. :)

1.Sorry to hear you didn't like it, oh well, maybe next time. :)
2. Just know that people usually don't give +REP to people that ask for it.
3. Not disabled here, anyway bringing up an updated version to fix that vocab. mistake.
lol start by giving me sum
i give only to ppl who try helping others(Especially me :p) or if they give something useful to this forum (Tuts,SpellPacks Etc.....)
Swift Attack
function Trig_Air_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
    if ( not ( GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A000' ) ) then
        return false
    return true
change intro
function Trig_Air_Conditions takes nothing returns boolean
    return GetSpellAbilityId() == 'A000'
(same effect, more optimized)

    local location AP1
    local location AP2
    local unit AT
    local unit cast
    local player AO
    local real AR1
    local real AR2
    set cast = GetSpellAbilityUnit()
    set AT = GetSpellTargetUnit()
    set AP1 = GetUnitLoc(AT)
    set AP2 = GetUnitLoc(cast)
    set AO = GetOwningPlayer(cast)
    set AR1 = GetUnitMoveSpeed(cast)
change intro
    local unit AT = GetSpellTargetUnit()
    local unit cast = GetSpellAbilityUnit()
    local location AP1 = GetUnitLoc(AT)
    local location AP2 = GetUnitLoc(cast)
    local player AO = GetOwningPlayer(cast)
    local real AR1 = GetUnitMoveSpeed(cast)
Again same effect, more optimized. AR2 wasn't even used.

set AR1 = 0.00
Real, string, integer, boolean and code variables do not need to be set to null or 0 in this case. Remove this.
Also the code contains plenty of BJ functions (functions that have BJ or Swapped as their sufix, just slow things down). I recommend getting JassCraft or Silly Jass Utility (you can find links for both in the useful tools topic) in order to fix this. For instance instead of GetUnitAbilityLevelSwapped('A000', cast) you should use GetUnitAbilityLevel(cast, 'A000') which is faster.

Swift Attack
Could use a complete rework...
Instead of doing it every second you can use the learns a skill event...
Air Shade
        Unit - A unit Learns a skill
        (Learned Hero Skill) Equal to Air Shade 
        Set ASvR1 = (100.00 - (15.00 x (Real((Level of Air Shade  for (Triggering unit))))))
        Set ASvR2 = (32.00 x (Real((Level of Air Shade  for (Triggering unit)))))
        Animation - Change (Picked unit)'s vertex coloring to (ASvR1%, ASvR1%, ASvR1%) with ASvR2% transparency
And in order to make it compatible with Swift Attack you should change
call SetUnitVertexColorBJ( cast, 100.00, 100, 100, 0 )
so that it would be set according to the level of Air Shade for the hero.

Nature's Protection
NPvLoc1 never removed...
lol start by giving me sum:D

anyways the natures protection or w/e it was named didt work with the 3 trees cuz u disabled it.. -,-
This way, you might get some, but not the way you want :rolleyes:

Everything is MUI
Awesome :)

Good try, and the third spell (Air Shade) is the best of the three.
As you say, gave you...+REP. :p
looks like you got this one under control Filip
Thanks for comments SFilip, In a few hours, once I get home back I'll update it.
Changed few things so SFilip would be happy :)P) and a little more.

Heh I know it took sometime just remembered that I had to update this.
they could kind of use a complete redo, however, you say you ahve updated what SFilip wanted, so I will move it over
This is pretty good, I like it...

I'm learning as well, but I don't think I know as much as you yet... :D

1. Swift Attack:
Anywayz, for the first spell (swift attack), for me, it mostly doesn't work. When I get real close, it takes really long for the unit to come back, I got tired of waiting so I didn't even see if it came back. When I tried it from far, it worked, but when he came back, ownership wasn't changed... It stayed passive, is it just me, or is it the triggering? :nuts:
The math seems fine on the triggering but wouldn't this be wrong, or am I wrong?
call SetUnitOwner(c,o,false)
local unit c=GetTriggerUnit()
local player o=GetOwningPlayer(c)
There is nothing wrong with the settings, but putting the two combined and translating the trigger should end up like this:
call SetUnitOwner(GetTriggerUnit(),GetOwningPlayer(c), [B]false[/B]
If it is false, wouldn't it not set it to that? :confused:

2. Air Shade:
This seems ok to me, but it makes the hero very difficult to see... :D

3. Nature's Protection:
I didn't actually see this spell in action (I think), but it seems ok from the look of the triggering.

Anywayz, overall, these are pretty good spellz. Keep up the good work!

(+rep if I can :D)

EDIT: I can't rep ya cuz it says I have to spread the rep... This prevented me from repping 3 people in one day!
Swift attack was tested and worked for me 100% I will look into it however.

The false you were talking about is wether the unit will change it's color or not.

Ok I saw the problem, fixed and new map is uploaded!
good but

That Was Good But in the invisible thing is there anyway to fix it so the shadow is removed at lv 3? lol cause the skill is slightly useless when people can see the shadow or also make it so units have a lesser chance of auto attacking you lol

Can any1 teach me how to import the spell from spellpack?i tried copying all the trigger and unit of it to my map but i do not work...How?plz teach me~
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