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    Nature's Beauty
    Tyelor K. aka Fire-Wolf

    Natures's beauty is like a flower
    grown in spring's enlightening hour.
    More precious than diamonds,
    more valuable than gold,
    and of all these things,
    I choose you to hold.

    While it seems that the cold night,
    if nothing else gives us a fright.
    That we may forever fade,
    simply wither and decay,
    while the sun comes,
    I still always pray.

    I pray that I live to see tomorrow,
    that I can live with no sorrow.
    That perhaps we can just sit,
    and watch the grass grow,
    until the world darkens,
    all that we know.
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    OMGOMGOMG UMBWGMG (Unidentified Human Being.)

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    This is simply, beautiful.
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    I totally agree , it gave the shivers. Thank you for sharing it.
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