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Discussion in 'Small Business Helper' started by Tommy, Mar 19, 2005.

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    I' apologize for the long winded post but need some serious help.
    About a year ago, we puchadsed some products and began selling them on Ebay, we have exlusive rights to the products and have found them to be very demanding and sell extrmely well. We have since grown to a point where we are in over our heads as far as accounting. See, we are very new to both computers and accounting so please bare with me, I could use some help.

    Our business has now evolved to the point where we have sales reps working for us and now have many chain stores that carry our exclusive product. We sell both retail, wholesale and dealer direct. The only problem is the products have very low profit margins so at this time we cannot afford to hire someone to help us, so we have to do this on our own. I am in need of accounting software that is user friendly that can:
    1. Seperate pricing levels based on the customer we sell to.
    2. Be able to track what the sales reps have sold based on the product price which may include different pricing levels based on the customer her or she sold too.
    3. Track the different pricing levels which are not based off of a certain % of the retail price (We made up our own pricing levels).
    4. Be able to track corperate orders which get shipped to the individual chian stores.
    5. document corperate returns which are deducted from the invoices.

    So far we have found quickbooks very difficult to work with, is there a different and easier software to use? or can quickbooks pro meet our needs?

    Thanks in advance
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    Congratulations on having a successful business. Ebay is a very good place to get started. Very low initial risk and a huge marketplace... well done!

    QuickBooks Pro may be customized to handle most of what you want. The major drawback to this is doing the customizing requires advanced skills and knowledge. It is not a job for an amateur, or someone just getting started. Once you get QuickBooks properly set up, it is very easy to use, but getting to that point from where you are right now is not so simple... as you have become aware of.

    There are companies who specialize in helping to set up QuickBooks to handle this kind of thing. Here locally, in Houston, one of the sponsors for the Small Business Helper is an MBA, CPA, QuickBooks expert, who has most generously agreed to provide support for me to help answer questions on this forum.

    You need to check around in your area to see if you can find a QuickBooks expert to help you. Be aware that the cost of having someone do this for you will likely be a lot more than what you paid for QuickBooks Pro. The going rate for this type of help is anywhere from $85 to $125 per hour.

    Cannot recommend any other software packages you can get for any kind of reasonable price that will handle the requirements you describe. Not to say that they don't exist, just that I can't recommend any of them to you.

    Additionally, the amount of help you are going to require to do this is well beyond the scope of what you can get here on this forum, for free. At this point you need a financial advisor who is an expert in QuickBooks, there, at your site. Would estimate that will cost you at least three or four thousand dollars to get everything done that you need. Sorry, but as I have said before, "Tanstaafl" (there ain't no such thing as a free lunch).

    The Small Business Helper
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    Quickbooks offers a certification program for it's experts - look for a Quickbooks Pro Advisor.
  4. Tommy

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    Thank you for the quick reply!

    I think your right, I need to get professional help becasue it goes way beyond what I have explained above, which is just scratching the surface of my problems.

    Paying someone to set me up isnt a problem, its finding time to learn it because the business is growing so fast I can hardley keep up as it is, which I suppose is a good thing.

    Thanks again

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