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I am an avid player of Island Defense (, and I was hoping to make a map similar to the game (though with some things changed). I currently have a thread (Click here for thread) up for ideas and what-not. I first need to know certain details about the original Island Defense map before I can make one of my own, and I can't open the game in World Editor because of it's copy protection.

So, I come to you guys to help me garner general information about it (+rep of course to those who help). I need the following:
  • Map Size ('X' Width by 'X' Height)
  • Tileset

When I think of more, I'll edit the post. Anyone who helps me get the info will have their name put next to the item so everyone will know they helped. :D


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Tileset = Black Citadel.
Possibly one of the least used tilesets in custom maps, and it would be pretty kewl, say fel orcs, voidwalkers, draneis, running from greater demons.


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I've already helped you before, so I'll PM you the link to my Underground Horror map.

It's an almost finished project, based on Island defense, except underground. Most of the builders are done, their techtrees are done, a few titans have been done, and there's a bit of triggering that still needs to be done.

Or you can just wipe that all away and use the terrain, which is really cool and should be big enough :D
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