Need ideas: Druid abilities


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Hello! I'm making a map where up to 8 druids battle each other either as two teams (death match/capture the flag/hold the relic for a certain time) or FFA. The druids have three forms: Bear Form, Cat Form and normal form (caster form). I need spell abilities for this, the only requierment is that they fit the druid concept and requier skill (I.E not a storm bolt based ability since that's just click on the enemy).

Abilities so far:

Wrath: Sends an enchanted bird at the target location, dealing 50 damage to the first enemy it hits. (caster form)

Starfall: Calls down a falling star after 2 sec at the target location, dealing damage to and stunning any enemy caught in the AoE. (caster form)

Charge: Charges forward at great speed, dealing damage, and knocking back any enemy that crosses the Druids path. (Bear Form)

Dash: Increases movement speed by 100%. Only works while in cat form. (Cat Form)

Numbers are not interesting as they can be tweaked later on, just need some good concepts :) And remember that all abilities should requier skill to use! Thanks in advance, +rep if you come up with a good idea :)


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How about spawning poisonous thorn bushes.
You select an area and bushes will grow their which attack enemies and poison them.
These bushes will start out small and deal only little damage but the longer they stay the stronger they will get until they are a big bush of thorns. They might as well reduce the movement speed of units nearby.

Or summoning a swarm of insects which are uncontrollable (like the tornado) and wander around hitting enemies.


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Thanks for the ideas Accname! I'll use the poisonous thorn bushes for sure! :)


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why not make a spell like that:
name: not sure maybe sth like
requirements : bear form
it marks an AOE area (I believe it would fit to be about 800-1200) around the casters casting point (doesn't follow the caster) for about 5 sec. and while in this area and while in bear form (and probably while not holding the flag) you gain bonus movement speed damage but once there is an enemy unit within 100-50 range around you and u are still in the bear form, then you are immediately forced to attack this unit and continue attacking it without being able to change into an other form,charge will not knockback enemy units(or you will be unable to cast it) or move to a position the only thing you can do is to select an other enemy target to attack who is in this area you have created


The bear can have a boomerang.
You trow it. If it hits something in its path will stop and deal damage (if is an enemy unit.)
If not, it will come back to your position and stop.
When you throw the boomerang the skill will be removed and only able to use it when you pick up the boomerang (this happens when you get close to it.)
You allso can make the boomerangs echangables. So you can pick upp other´s boomerangs (only when they stop ) you can
collect more than 1 boomerang. Or even better, you can make a skill that "caches" a boomerang in a X radius around you. So if you are skillful enough you can catch the boomerangs in the air, before they hit you. OBvious the skill must have a Cold Down to avoid the user to repeatedly use it.
So you can throw all the boomerangs you have (the skill can have no cold down).
Just an idea! :p
Sorry for my english, is my second Lenguage.
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