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    Hi guys...

    I am current working on a shooter-RPG hybrid game in unreal engine. It is a big project. Here are some features of the game.

    Features of the Game

    1. The game would have multiple classes. Each classes would have their own weapons, skills, talents and starting quest line.

    2. The game would an outdoor RPG where you are free to explore, do quests and boss hunts.
    You can explore many planets and alien worlds, do different quests there, get maps, find black markets, forges etc.

    The game will also have friendly, neutral and hostile space stations. To enter hostile space stations, you need to first destroy its defenses then enter.

    All the maps in the game would be all-level content. i.e No matter what your level is in game, you would have something to do their.(details in FAQ)

    3. The game would also have multi-player battle grounds and arenas. There will also be hard quests, dungeons and bosses which you can complete only in group.

    4. The game would have an extensive background lore as well as progressive lore as small expansions are released.

    5. The game would have many types of vehicles having different types of controls and weapons.

    I am looking for any one who could make 2d arts and concept arts of vehicles, weapons and other characters. Any one intrested in more information can pm me.

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