Need opinions on my new map idea, Tournament of kings



Hey ppl :)

I've decided to start on a new map, but i would like get your opinion on the idea, and maybe suggestions for new stuff/changes.

Ok, u start by choosing some different arenas, u do this the way they made pyramid escape, every1 get X number choosing units, and then they can choose arena with them. After all have chosen arenas with all their units, the 5 (it could be more/less, 5 was just to say something) arenas with the most votes will be the ones played.

Now u gotta choose ur hero, this will be done from a tavern. When every1 got a hero, or 1 minute has gone, every1 vote for game mode. The different modes are:

•With random allies; all players get put togheter in random teams of 2 players each.

•Predefined teams; the players get devided up into teams, so that player one is allied to player2, player 3 if allied with player 4, etc.

•Team Choosing; the players can allie with each other, still max 2 players per team.

•All v. All; no alliances, every1 is alone against all the other players

Now the game starts, all heroes get 2 spell points. And they gain an extra point for each hero they kill, if they are 2 ppl on the team, they gain a lvl each. There will be creeps on the arenaes, thats the main source of income. U will also gain a small amount of gold for killing a a hero (like 2 times what u get for killing a normal creep). After some time, if the players havent killed eachother, they will be teleported into a second, much smaller arena, that are just one big flat area, so none can run from the others.

U get 1 gamepoint for killing a hero, and 2 for winning a game. On the leaderbord, u will be devided into teams, team1, team2, etc. and the gamepoints u score will be given to your team.

After each round, u will be able to buy items and tomes, and il migth add a mini game after each round so the teams can earn extra gold.

Each arena will have its owns environment. for example, the fire arena will be very hot, and the jungle arena will be svampy, and filled with mosquitos. So u need to get protection, which come in form of items, if u dont get these items, u will suffer a penalty, like mosquito bites, u will lose one hp/second, or extreme heat, u are lacking water, so u have reduced mana regeneration. These protective items will be bougth in a shop next to the normal items shop. They wont be to expensive, but u will loose them after each round.

I am thinking of adding different random effects, like volcano erruptions, and flooding, and other stuff, which will provide bonuses/penalties in the arenas, would that be good?

When 3 arenas (or more) have been finnished, the 2 teams with the most game points will have a Team V Team battle, to win the game. If any of the teams are draw, they will fight it out in one of the small arenas.

This is basically it, what do u think?

Thanks in advance :)


Thx :D

I tried to start doing the terrain, but i really suck at terrain, so i was wondering if any1 would want to do the terraining part, and maybe be my co-creater? If this map is finnished, it will be my first finnished map (got 2-3 maps that i never finnished :p )


Yeah .. It seems really good.. Good idea and everything.. Hope you make it good with that idea GL HF :p


If you're going to go to the trouble of making 3 or more arenas, why would you limit the game to not include all of them? You said that the players will vote which arenas to use, so I guess some will not be used in the game? That seems like you would be cutting yourself short, but then again maybe that would make the players come back for more to see all the arenas. Anyway, I like the idea of the different environments, and the environmental debuffs is unique to me.

The part I like best is that you will have a partner, if its not FFA, which you can strategize with and guard each other. You can set traps by letting one hide and the other lure someone. Sounds fun.


Ruination> yea i think that it is very important to make teams, if it where all v all, some heroes would just be better that others, but hwne u combine different heroes, like a strong caster with weak health, and a tank with bad spells. they would suck alone but togheter they rule :)

About the arena thing, il migth make them vote on how many arenas to play, so that they can choose if they want a fast little quicker, or a longer heavier battle.

And maybe i will add even more different styles of play, with power game, where u start with +10 abillity points for your hero, and gain 2 lvl's for each hero killed, and like that :)

Thx for feedback, keep it coming :)


Those are all great ideas man. May I ask, what heros you have in mind? Do you have some created already? Are they going to be pretty strandard or all unique?

What if you made an arena for each hero? That arena would be that hero's home turf. Maybe think of it as his planet, his realm, or just his homeland on Azeroth. This would allow for heros to be made based on the environments you've already begun thinking of--if there was a fiery arena, base a hero off the lava lord. Make an arena based on wildlife and give that arena to a beastmaster hero. He could be able to tame things while in his arena. Oceanic arena could be for a naga royal guard hero, or the sea witch. Etc., etc.

The hero matching the current arena will be worth a higher bounty during his arena, but he would be granted a bonus ability such as windwalk, or a bonus to movement speed so that he will be able to avoid being killed a little better than usual since he will most likely be hunted for his high bounty. Oh...and during his arena, he and his partner are given a quest that only exists in his arena. The quest could be for a special item, or an ability the partners will share thereafter, like spirit link so their HP is fused together.

Take it or leave it :p

Wow I said 'arena' a lot huh?
Hey, at my school so i dont feel like logging in.

Ruination> If each hero should have an arena, there would either be a shitload of arenas or a very few heros. I think there will be made about 6 arenas (im currently waiting for rikkator to create the map, if he doesnt have time anyway i migth ask for help somewhere else, cos i would like it to be done asap), maybe there will be added more arenas in later version but il start with 6.

I like the idea with quest's in each arena, but i think i will make it like a competition to complete them, every1 should have a shot at doing it, so not only do u have to figth the quest's task's, but also the other players, and u wont have unlimited time, since after a couple of minutes (5-10) u will all be teleported to a much smaller arena.

Rad> heh, maybe, but when i created this thread i was just looking for feedback, and to see if ppl was interested in this map. It seems they are, so yea, i'l probably post it there.

btw, i havent started on the map yet. I planned on starting after i got the terrain (from rikkator, i really like he's terraining :)) but il might start doing the heroes (but it will be a hell to export a whole hero with trigger spells and custom buffs and spells and variables, so i thougth it would be easier just to make them all in the map)


I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
The terrain will take i while i bet.

Advanced - Make Unknown variables <--check that when you export!


I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
About the flooding, if you find a good thing to use for the flood tell me plz i was planing to have that in my arena.

-Crazy Cooco Bara- (lol!)(sorry for spelling) Theres a Cooco Bara and it sits next to a tree, it shoots gumdrops and rocks, rocks take away hp and gumdrops give it back. The players have to run around but can not attack or cast spells and whoever surives longest wins.

-Infested Terrain Swarm- Hordes of Infested Terrains (god dang spelling) come and charge around with random moves, when a player gets hit... KABOOM!

-Battle Tanks- A team game were one team-mate drives the tank around and the other fires gernades and such (A flying unit moved instantly behind a tank being driven by a player). In FFA use random teams.


I was planning on using the moving water doodah (the one u use if u want to create movement in your waters or a shore)

Oh and for the mini games, for starters i think i will only use on mini game, and the create others in later patches if needed/requested.
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