need undead hero Idea


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I have been making 2 undead heroes and I want a third one to finish with the undead
the hero must be strength and needs to have either 3 abilitys and an ultimate or 3 abilitys and 2 ultimates (1 normal ultimate and 1 greater one which he gains when he levels up his ultimate at lvl 4
(last level of all abilitys))
"attention the hero doen't need to be in the default undead race , he just has to look like an undead or like a deamon"
also I need to know the model of the hero

can you help me ?:confused::confused:
well if you want it as str hero here the model :

and spell :

1- spell reflect m you can found it here .

2- each 1 hp lose it gona increase his attack speed , also you can found it here .

3- chance on attack 5% for create illusion for 5 sec or 8 , and that's illusion do 30% from you damage and take 100% extra damage .

4- Ultimate : change form into range Undead have chance to crit and splash damage .

well this is my Suggestion :D
and by the way would you explain it more please if you want him range or melee , arena map or rpg , tank or dps .
ok then it is going to be for an arena map and I don't care if he will be ranged melee or whatever you can even tell me skills which have HP cost and such stuff

(I didn't really like this hero)

also dmg type will be hero always It won't change just know that.
if arena PVP hero then i suggestion this :
Model :

Spells :
1- Charge and burn any thing in his way , Stun target who got charge , damage any enemy in his way while Charging and do Fire effect .

2-buff him self to make his damage cleave attack 30% , and who attacking you he got debuff reduce armor .

3- use ability to enemy do x damage over time and silence him in 3 sec , e.g : 50 damage and silence in 3 sec or 5 sec .

4- Ulti : when any enemy heroes use any spell you got 3 charge ( Max charge is : 60 ) if you collect 30 charge you can use it for X damage aoe , and if you collect max charge (60 charge ) you can use it for X damage Aoe and buff all ally in your spell range Immolation for 5 sec do 30 damage per second , and ulti range is 800 yard .
2- buff him
Master imp
Have Pit Lord as the model but make him smaller! The idea is to have a tiny demon running around quite fast..

Drain - Channel, spawns a lot of Destroyer projectiles from target to caster. Drains both hp and mana from a target unit every second.

Doom Curse - Curses an enemy unit, reducing its armor and giving it a % chance to miss attacks. In addition to this, deals damage to units with mana, more damage the less mana the unit have (like "200-(% of mana x2)" or something at level 1)

Hell mark - Passive. Leaves a red rune on all units the imp attacks. Runes do NOT stack. Grants vision of marked unit. Every second, there is a 2% chance of the rune exploding dealing damage to the target! (damage increase with levels)

Imp's Fury - Ulti. While active, GREATLY increases speed and grants the Imp the Feedback ability. However, the imp's mana and hp regeneration is set to 0. Can acitvate/deactivate whenever it wants.

Demonic burst - Super Ulti. Projectile should be some kind of demon. Instantly burns a large amount of mana from a target!
Name - Eternal Guardian
Model - Avatar of Vengeance

Haunting Presence - Crippling aura that slows enemy attack and movement speed.
Damnation - Killing blow captures dying unit's soul, creating a spirit enslaved to your will.
Ghostly Matter - Chance attacking weapon will pass right through hero with no effect

Bones of the Fallen - Hero consumes corpse sending hero into a stack able rage of vengeance, which increases attack damage and speed.
I have an idea... im not sure about the model thing cause im not good at it :p
You can make a hero Abomination (something i tried with a little map few days ago) and give it the abilities a regular Abomination have, just upgradeable, like Disease cloud the damage more each level and something like Vampiric Aura that affects only him, or maybe Bloodlust.. cant give you a complete idea for this. it's kinda tricky :)
My imp idea was quite crappy for an arena map, now when I read it again. Here is another suggestion

Ghost Countess
Banshee model, with Metamorphis projectile. Strength but ranged.

Sleep - Like the original Sleep spell, but with shorter duration and DPS when the unit is asleep.

Disturb - AoE buff spell. Units affected have decreased armor and a % to miss attacks. If any affected unit are asleep when the spell is cast (natural or from Sleep spell), it wakes up but takes instant spell damage (quite a lot)

Ectoplasma - Passive. When attacked, there is a 1% for the Ghost Countess to become ethereal for some seconds (increasing with levels)

Ghost leap - Ulti. Have quite a casting time and looks like Possesion (however the target is not stunned). When the effects begins, the Ghost Countess leaps to the target, dealing heavy damage. The target is then Banished for 10 seconds, and during that time it takes extra damage from spells (a negative spell damage reduction).

Wicked Spirit - Super ulti. Transforms the banshee model into that large, white one, can't remember the name of the creep now. Heavily increases Strength and adds a spellshield (with Effect from buff) on 300 hp.
Raise Dead - Active
-Everytime he kills an enemy he has a 10/15/20/25 % chance to raise a skeleton

Death Strike - Passive
-Every attack has a 2/3/4/5 % chance to deal 25% of the attacked enemies max hit points in damage and slow there movement speed by 20/25/30/35 % for 6 seconds.

Unholy Aura - Passive
-When near the hero, enemies loose 8/16/24/32 % movement speed and 5/10/15/20 % of there damage.

Darkness Poise - Active [Ultimate]
-When activated, the hero and all nearby allied units go into a blood frenzy, causing them to attack faster and deal more damage. (works on hero and skeletons)

Back to the Grave - Passive [Greater Ultimate]
-When the hero dies, 20 skeletons spawn and have an extremely fast movement and automatically attack the killing hero. Skeletons last 15 seconds.


Name: Evader

Spell Evasion - Passive
-After everytime it is attacked, it becomes immune to spells for 1/1.5/2/2.5 seconds.

Escape of Fate - Passive
-When attacked, has a 10/20/30/40% chance to become hidden for 1.5 seconds and then appear behind the attacked enemy and attack it with a bashed effect or some knockback of some sort.

Optical Evade - Active
-Cast on an enemy, and when that enemy attacks it looses 20% of its damage. This effect stacks, and the buff lasts 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Evade Death - Passsive [Ultimate]
-When the hero dies, after 2 seconds it will revive with 100% mana and hit points. Cooldown is 300/240/180/120 seconds

Unavoidable Damnation - Active [Greater Ultimate]-Cast on an enemy, all damage that is dealt on the target is amplified by 75% for 20 seconds.


Dark Posidon

Darkness Beam - Active
-Shoots out a blast that sucks 4/6/8/10 strength from all enemies hit in a line, and gives it to the hero for 12 seconds.

Presence of the Undead - Passive
-Whilest within 900 range of the hero, all enemy units loose 2% of there max hit points every second and all allies (unincluding the hero) have 1% of there max hit points restored every second

Death Flare - Active
-Emites a Black Nova arround the hero that latches onto all enemies nearby, dealing 50/100/150/200 damage and causing them to loose 2/4/6/8 armor for 8 seconds.

Black Ensnaring Lightning - Active [Ultimate]
-Shoots out lightning from all angles and hits a single target dealing a large amount of damage and making it immobile for a few seconds. [add more effects here]

Servant of Darkness - Active [Greater Ultimate]
When activated, causes the hero to go into a dark rage and attack and move faster. Everytime he attacks an enemy he adds some form of buff that stacks and causes him to deal more damage on every attack. Every attack increases damage dealt by 12/24/36/48/60. Only stacks 5 times, and buff lasts 6 seconds.


Lol, most of these are just random idea's i came up with.

You may choose the model file and stats etc, use my idea at your will and may edit.
No recognision of idea is necessary. Hope this helps.
there is no need to combine their spells with this guy
I want something chalenging in triggers with good spell combinations
another thing, before you bump 100 times, could you please reply to the ideas that where given to you? or atleast say whats wrong with them and how they should be improved, or what style you want.?

Any more ideas?
any more Ideas
Bump please answer
Bumb any more?
any more ideas ?

this, doesnt help.

have you used these idea's and in need of more? or have you completely rejected all ideas?
please give some form of feedback. would be appreciated.
ok ...
I find them nice but not challenging enough
I might use some in the future for other heroes who are not strength
If you can give me some ideas for a hero with no mana I mean for a hero who will spend his own life to cast active abilities
okay, well if you wanted something hard to do you should'v said so in your first post.


sorry for double post
hmmm, i can't find how to delete this post.
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