Negafox aka Dinobot (the third MVP) resigns Blizzard MVP

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I was the first and I quit, tkron has passed away, and now dinobot has got a life - though 6 years was a long time buddy. I have not paid attention to the Blizzard forums in years but I do know that the MVP program has some people in it - maybe I will go check them out....

Here is Negafox's Farewell Post - it mentions me :cool:

Here is the current Negafox Site - site is now gone time

All things in this world must come to an end. As of today, I am officially forfeiting the MVP title from the community. The reason for this decision is a complicated one, but rest assured, I know it is the right decision. Retaining the MVP status will conflict with my work schedule, and I am quite busy with life to continually provide volunteer technical support in the community.

For nearly six years, I have served the community as an MVP, and the World of Warcraft community providing technical, in-game, and personal support. Rest assured, I will still post in the forums as Negafox, as a regular forumer now, and occasionally provide support when time permits.

The current generation of MVPs is doing an excellent job of providing technical support. From the posts I have seen of MVPs and regular forumers alike providing technical support, I am optimistic the forums are heading in the right direction. Eventually, With each generation of MVPs, they will build upon the quality of support and positive influence set forth by the last generation MVPs.

I am a firm believer in Blizzard Entertainment, and I have faith that all of their future games will be high quality, contain high replay value, will raise the bar in the gaming industry.

It was a pleasure serving as an MVP for Blizzard Entertainment, and I thank them for giving me the opportunity twice over the past six years. The Helper, you are still the original MVP. For without you, the MVP program might have never existed. To the other MVPs, it was a pleasure serving with you guys. I know you will all continue to raise the bar. To everybody who provides all forms of support on the and World of Warcraft forums, thanks for helping in the forums. Numerous people have had a variety of problems resolved since the introduction of the, and whether they thanked you or not, the effects will be felt by them forever. To everybody in the and World of Warcraft forums, I enjoyed posting and talking to you all.

As of this post, I am no longer an MVP. Farewell shiny red icon.
Negafox aka Dinobot's Blizzard Forum MVP Farewell Post - dead link removed

The Helper says

I had the hardest time keeping my mouth shut at that time. Dinobot was hired at Blizzard and he had to resign. He had a double life. I should have taken the job they offered me, that was one of the biggest mistakes of my life. I was married though with kids and the job was entry level in Cali - when I had mid level in H-Town. I should have went into the Gaming Tech Support in Cali since I ended up getting divorced anyway. Dinobot / Negafox was the perfect age to work at Blizzard and got a sweet gig! Good for him and I am happy for him that he is doing so well (some kind of programmer) and I am glad he is still one of my friends at Blizzard!
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TH: That must have brought a sweet smile to your face when he honoured you as "the original" and "the greatest" :)

I pronounce a toast to DinoBot, the last of the originals! May his name never be forgotten!

to *clink* ;)
Shame the post no longer exists on the forums.
A random Negafox/Dinobot appears. It is super effective!

I actually left Blizzard Entertainment in February to work for another game company. I worked at Blizzard Entertainment for nine years working as a Software Engineer in the department in the end. One of my final projects was working on the Desktop App. I largely worked on developing the game installers and launchers when I worked at the company.

For a while, I moderated the classic forums under my real name as an employee. At some point, I ought to write up my experiences working there without divulging NDA material, of course.
Negafox! Glad to see you buddy and also glad for the update. Cool that you finally got to be a programmer at Blizzard - would love to read about your experiences. Hopefully you will move forward with your writing!
Hey-hey Helper! Long time no see.

I am writing a series a posts in Notepad lately for later releasing in pieces. Starting from the first MVP program as Dinobot, second MVP program as Negafox, working in technical support for a year, and then seven years as a software engineer. I think delving into working at will be interesting on what was some of our thought process on designing tools and features, and funny anecdotes. I will probably start releasing them this weekend. I want to make sure my posts will not have Blizzard's lawyers knocking at my door so I am being cautious on my drafting my postings.

Also, I can help fill in some of the evolution of the MVP program as both an insider and outsider.
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A wild Sixen appears! Currently writing up my missing piece for you, Helper... Better late than never!

Hi Nega, been a while, ^_^.
I know you! I have met you at Dave & Busters and Blizzcon a few times. =D
I know you! I have met you at Dave & Busters and Blizzcon a few times. =D
Yeah man, it's been a while, :). Didn't notice you left Blizzard, hope all is well... I'm actually a little curious to read your version of the MVP program history, haha. Writing up my side of the story while I've been an MVP has been on my list of stuff to do for over a year now, I got tired of looking at it, ;).

...succumbed to anime...

...Today is a good day.
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