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is now a game developer :)
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here's another skin from me :)

i guess i really like doing these 'cause they're combinations of two of the things i love to do:

warcraft and graphics.

here it is:

The Nerubian Scorpion, a modified Crystal/Warrior Arachnathid skin.

BTW i chose the crystal/green from the others 'cause it has 3 attack animations,
unlike the other arachnathid models that have only 1 attack animation.



C & C please.

all of the parts pasted on the original skin was taken from the crypt lord's skin.

if you like to use it in your maps, please give proper credit :shades:


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This is really good. However you may wan't to give some more import information, for example which units uses the skin:
Warrior Arachnathid
Crystal Arachnathid

Also, I would personally include the import information in both my submission thread and in the read me file.

The skin looks wicked on a scaled unit.

Oh yea, I allmost forgot. I would like you to minimize the file size before approving it. 100kb it's a little too much for a skin.
Moved within a day, is that a new record?:D

Btw I really like this skin, I might even use it in my campaign, just don't know how
(Since it's about a pandaren tribe that does panda stuff xD)
6 hours even more of a record.
Was just wondering, have you made any other skins?

I know what I am using it for now btw, a war god :p

Skin doesn't work with me...
I used Units\Creeps\ArchnathidGreen\ArachnathidGreen.blp which was shown in the readme...
Wow this is very simple but very unique and interesting idea. This is inspiring me to create a skin now.. once i have more time on my hands. Once again gw +rep
For some mysterious reason it works now. I think my WE is just getting old ...
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