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Neverwinter Nine​

It has been a long time seen i first created a Hero defense map. It's actually my favorite genre.
I did play X-Hero and some other popular maps but i am not satisfied with most of them so i decided to make a new fresh one, on my own way :grin:

-Map story: Nothing special. You are one of the Neverwinter Nine, the most noble and talent warriors of Lord Nasher. You will be sent to the Crossroad Keep, to help defense it from an invasion of the enemies.

-Map genre: Hero Defense

-Number of players: 1 - 6

-Gameplay: Team up and try to survive the tough battle as well as protect Lord Nasher. If he dies, you lose. The enemies will be divided into many classes. Mainly warrior, mage, assassin and ranger. Each hero has a specific role so the only way to win is teamwork.
Basically the map will focus on custom Heroes, spells and items. I will also add some new regions around the Keep so you will have some tasks to do. Search as killing a Legendary Dragon for treasures or assassinate an Enemies' leader for bonuses. There are totally 29 waves of enemy.


-Each class has a specific NPC to learn his talents. Normally talent (the other name of skill, spell or ability as we usually call) will cost 1 talent point (attribute point), 100 gold and corresponding Hero level. Each level gives you four talent points, you can distribute to Strength, Agility, Wisdom or keep them to learn other abilities, the choice is yours.

  • Strength: increases health, health regen rate, physical damage and physical damage from some Talents.
  • Agility: increases armor, physical critical rate and physical damage from some Talents.
  • Wisdom
: increases mana, mana regen rate and magical damage from Talents.

Magical damage includes ice, fire, lightning and spirit. Nature damage is considered as poison, note that Undead is immune to critical damage and Nature damage.

Warrior's talents

Guardian's talents

Rogue's talents

Ranger's talents

Mage's talents

Sorceress' talents

-Tips and Hints:
  • This map requires at least 4 players, the default difficulty is hard.
  • Do not forget to distribute your talent points and it should be reasonable.
  • Do not try to be a superman, fight as a team.
  • Use Teleporters for quick transporting.
  • Upgrade your items.



-Trailer: a small movie with the terrain and a few Heroes i have finished:


Minecraft. :D
Seems interesting. I always liked hero defenses. Where do you get your icons from? They all seem pretty high quality and I would love to use some of them (if they are yours, I'd ask permission of course).

Also, are those wow models I see?


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awesome map, great models/icons, very cool spells and sort of talent system... couldnt find a place to purchase items if thats possible, item upgrade wouldnt work, and there was one glitch with casts that i found... on the mage i noticed that i could not target the mechanical ranged units with a spell but if i casted on a unit where the missles would hit the mechanical units it still damaged them, are they supposed to be immune to magic, or not? overall awesome game, i can see how group makeup can make the difference between success and failure... guardian + warrior + magician + sorceress is perfect combo in my opinion


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Looks like a fantastic project from the screenshots and video... [del]I'll check it out when I can. :thup:[/del]

Fun map, if a bit imbalanced in terms of the heroes (mage is the best :D). Very pretty overall, very polished-looking, though that's largely due to the 7+ MB of imports (including a few WoW models :p). Also: yay you used my ice bolt model! <3

In the end, we broke the game because Mark of the Wild stacks infinitely and is never removed if it's cast on the same target before the buff wears off. You should probably fix that. ;) (The map is protected, so I can't advise about what's wrong at this point.)

How come the video shows a 3rd person camera and several units that aren't in the map?

[edit] Whoops! Your post links to version 1.0 but you're already up 4+ revisions to 2.0? You should update your post!
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