New Map! Capture the thing in the middle of the map!


Ever since I quit WoW, I've been trouble thinking of ideas for a new map. But I've got an idea!

Ok theres a bunch of races (3,4,5,6 about) like Skeletons, Murlocs, Forest Trolls and whatnot, and a Higher Power has told the leaders of each race that there is ____ in a small area in the forest. If they are to capture this thing (prolly a rune or a stone or a obelisk) and bring it to their shrine (or control it) they will be granted more power for their race.

Not knowing that 3 (4, or 5) other races are trying to reach the same place, each race sends troops to this obelisk (or stone or w/e). Then they notice other races are trying to get to it too, and they must fight each other off.

Each race will have atheir own special abilities, like murlocs can swim, skeletons can temporaily raise their own dead and other races' dead, and so on.

The obelisk or stone (or w/e) will be on top of a mountain, or in a pit, or sourounded by rock chunks, as well as guarded by Revenents.

Hows this sound? The idea is to make a map very original and not done before.

I don't want to make it really complicted as it's only my second map.

EDIT: Yeah the map name won't accually be "Capture the thing in the middle" I used it for lack of a better name. It will be changed.


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Sounds good but not toooooooo new an idea. Many maps are based around getting some special object or item... Your though will be different though in the way that people are against each other. :D

I think it should be in the shape of a wheel with spokes, and in the middle is your "item". The bases for each team/race would be farthest out, and between there should be connecting tracks from base to base.

I thought it would be a good idea if you had to get the item back to your base and keep it there for a certain ammount of time (Like 5 minutes) and have the "item" enable all races abilitys (or specified auras) to power the capturers units...

Dont have to use this idea but I think it would be fun to have everyone instantly crowd in one persons base and have general mayhem. :p

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A mix between AoS and CTF...
Sounds interesting!

Make it 3 races, then each race can have 3 players and 1 computer.

Skeletons is not realy a race in the forest in that manner, maybe Gnolls?

So you want something like this:
Murlocks can swim, allowing them to hide the ITEM from melee units.

Forest Trolls can go berserk, making it easier for them to get the flag from the enemy.

Skeletons raise the dead, giving them the edge in massive clashes.

( Gnolls can hide when not moving, allowing them to assault the unit with the ITEM.)

Warrior: Deals a lot of damage
Ranger: Shoots from afar.
Spellcaster: Casts spells

This is, of course, just ideas, so trash them if you want.


Whats scary is that Jsut a Guest read my mind. I was going to have four heros each, Warrior, Ranger, and Spellcaster and another one.

My original plan was to make each race start in a corner and there are many paths which you can take, that have hidden "suprises".

Two choices for the item in the middle:

The stone will be taken by the hero onto a special Shrine or Altar in the person's base where it's power will be drained into the altar for the whole race to benefit from it.


The obelisk must be controlled for a period of time my stepping on a circle of power and making sure the enemy doesent step on the circle.

Prolly the first choice though.

About the wheel with spokes, I think that will look sort of unnatural and more like an arena-esque map.

The whole map isn't just forest, it'l be different terrain. The skeletons will be i nthe dirt section and have blight in their base.

Gnolls are a good idea, I might add them too, and maybe ogres too.


Shouldn't Murlocks be Nagas - Water Spirits...? Then you can add more units, water elementals, and the nagas for example...


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>Gnolls can hide when not moving,

Gnolls don't seem very... well... stelthy to me. They have giant mauls and crossbows. Mabey the gnolls can cut down trees to block a path, and other units have to cut though to move aging?

The ITEM should be a piece of cheese, or a panda statue (Blizzard loves pandas).


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They like paladins too... They are the best hero in all Blizzard's games, eh?
Pandas are cute <3


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As AceHart would probably say, you need to make Furbolgs be one of the races.

Just a guest

If you make many races, you should have one of the following:

Each player controlls one Hero and a small group of units. Units contineously spawn from the home base and attack-move to the ITEM. Only the player-controlled squad can use abilities. (Swim/Hide/Berserk)


Each player is in controll of one Hero. Units under the players controll spawns from his home base.

Idea #1 allows you to have 6 players, #2 allows 12. (And will probably lag!)

I say you go with the 3 teams with 3 heroes one.

If you are good with triggers, you can make it so that the "team leader" choses what reace to be.

EX: The leader of team 1, player 1, choses Gnolls. All members of team 1, player 1, player 2, player 3, are brought to the "gnoll hero selection area." One minute after race has been selected, computer spawns begin to move to the ITEM. Only heroes has special abilities.

These are, of course, just suggestions, trash them if you want to.


Make sure the holder of the item has penalties, or make a special unit for holding the item. You don't want a hero with Blink to be able to Blink to the item, Blink out, then Blink it on home. Also, you wouldn't want a unit with a speed boost to be able to run in, grab the item and go. Maybe make the unit have reduced speed, disable its attack and most of its abilities? the last thing you want is a race which clearly has an advantage.
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