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My very first riddle map, it's actually a riddle/maze/action game which focuses heavily towards riddles midway through the game.

Hope you guys enjoy. It's based loosely on the saw theme, which kind of puts a twist to riddle games.

You need not only brains but skills with the mouse to win this game!

-20 lvls


I'll be glad to post hints if you guys need help
and feedback would be helpful

New Ver. out

Password for part 2 is -seesaw


The Undead Ranger.
can this be played alone? im stuck on the level about Teals Mind. (if this requires a teal player, you should give control to others when theres no player/ he left.


I have now changed this in the User CP
I suck, couldn't get past the first part with the x marks the spot and what is the time


Creator of Photon Command
I got soloutions to the time thingy and the mind thingy too.
For the X, stand on the X and write 3:00
For the mind, you gotta kill teal. The key will drop from his body.


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can this be played alone? im stuck on the level about Teals Mind. (if this requires a teal player, you should give control to others when theres no player/ he left.
The whole game can be played alone, but it's just incredibly hard when you hit level 7, the lord of death because that requires a bit of team work.

Unless of course you cheat and use whosyourdaddy when u play solo.

After level 7, you'll get a password that brings you straight to lvl 8, just type the password in the beginning.


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is the password bassed off of the players name?
and if not you could make some sort of system using the first 3 letterz cause thats the min on a name


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Hi there, I really love your map and I've been playing it for more than a week or so with 2 of my friends. We got really good with the front parts, you know, the ice maze and all that.

Somehow we managed to pass the Lord of Death with a bit of strategy, and managed to reach part 2.

Got past the front parts, the Eris Quod Sum and all, and we eventually died at the Red Green and Yellow parts. I mean, we all got killed by giant crabs. Any hints to help?

I would really appreciate it if you could post hints to each parts, so that we can look at it if we're really stuck, but no obligations.

Please help with the crabs. Thanks.


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Hi, I've been trying to clear this maps for days. I finally got to the part where the game asked 'what has in common but different'. That got my whole team stuck for hours. Any hint? If it can help you remember, there's a Fire enclosed in a ice to the right. A zombie called "pretty ugly", trapped black flame called Chaos and a water element called Gas.


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Hi. I am stuck at the part where it says "Math of the hitch ring" and I need to answer. Can you help me please?
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