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New Rifleman v1.6 (size was reduced a bit)


What's so new there?
- Cape is removed
- The retarted muffler is away now
- Armytextured pants with full opacity, and hood with lower opacity to give a nice look
- Boots are blackened
- Beard is shortened
- Did I do something to the moustache too?
- Teamcolour is removed from shoulders
- Black tight shirt, yumm.. <3
- Shortened the shirt texture to show the arms
- Removed gloves
- The eyes are nearer each other :p.. (nearer?)
- Gun is completely redone
- Modified fire particles a bit, and smoke also
- Added squished version.

The archives below contain ReadMe.txt, NewRifleman.mdx, NewRifleman_Portrait.mdx, NewRifleman.blp files.


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Hmm not bad ^^
If you could just make the legs thicker, or thinner, so that the Pants look a bit more realistic. (I mean the thick Part around his Knees)

EDIT: His Hood looks like Links one :p


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Interesting, But atm I think I would acually still prefer to use the regular gunman.. (because of the space it would take, mostly. Its cool, but not exactly better than the original, if you know what I mean.. :p)
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>If you could just make the legs thicker, or thinner, so that the Pants look a bit more realistic.
I can try.. but I kinda liked those ;D. Customer is always right, though.

>His Hood looks like Links one
I did lenghten it :p.

It is.


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For 250 kb in a map, I would never replace the current Rifleman with that one.

It has to look more different, add something neat to it (Instead of removing things, say).
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>For 250 kb in a map, I would never replace the current Rifleman with that one.
I don't know how to make the filesize any lower :s..

>It has to look more different, add something neat to it (Instead of removing things, say).
I could remake the gun.. and maybe do something to that hood..

>How is he supposed to look through the scope?
Ask Blizzard.


Cookie Be Awesome!
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I dont like it destroyed the original riflemans x-factor.
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>I dont like it destroyed the original riflemans x-factor.
Okay, I will rename it when I update it again. No need to talk about Rifleman then.

Okay so, the next version is going to have better pants, and a black shotgun instead of this.. this.

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>The coloring is too dull, but the main edits aren't too bad (however that shirt should be chainmail).
Nevah. It's an action shotgun guy, you know, like in movies.

>It doesn't really look like a Rifleman anymore, maybe perhaps a farmer.
Yeah, he has a shotgun.


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Remove the beard and we have a soldier. :)

Do you think I can have permission to make some edits..?
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>Remove the beard and we have a soldier.
I tried, but there is no.. ehh.. umm.. faces under it =).

>Do you think I can have permission to make some edits..?


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would it be possible to remove the gun altogether and have them seperate as attachments? also a kevlar vest/flak jacket (or something similar) would give it like a soldier type style... maybe some dog tags too...


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The hood looks wierd. It's better off sticking with the collar of his shirt. Also, I think it would be better if you slapped on some gloves that match the pants.

It looks pretty good in-game though.
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