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    Nintendo dropped a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate trailer on Nov. 8, featuring some of the series' iconic characters beating and stomping and swording each other and, while it is undeniably great, the trailer was lacking ... something.

    A killer backing track.

    Its art style is wonderful, it showcases characters both old and new and it features Captain Falcon getting the absolute stuffing knocked out of him, praise be to Donkey Kong. Still, as wonderful as it is, there's one thing a hype trailer needs that Nintendo's version doesn't have.

    Whether or not this was intentional on Nintendo's behalf, leaving the backing track out of the trailer has sparked a movement where budding, clever Smash fans create their own versions of the trailer using tracks such as Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now", music from Infinity War and, of course, the DK Rap. We asked Nintendo if this was their intent, but are yet to receive a reply.

    It's surprising how well the trailer matches up with a whole range of pop and rock and hip hop tracks -- as well as music from the original games. But don't just take my word for it, here are some of the fan-made trailers that work incredibly well.

    Read more here (CNET)

    Also check out the video mashups on CNET linked above.
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