Sci/Tech New 'super-paper' is stronger than cast iron

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Punching your way out of a paper bag could become a lot harder, thanks to the development of a new kind of paper that is stronger than cast iron.

The new paper could be used to reinforce conventional paper, produce extra-strong sticky tape or help create tough synthetic replacements for biological tissues, says Lars Berglund from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Despite its great strength, Berglund's "nanopaper" is produced from a biological material found in conventional paper: cellulose. This long sugar molecule is a principal component of plant cell walls and is the most common organic compound on Earth.

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wow, the number of super(object) jokes possible astounds me.

but thats cool.
(super sticky note, away!)

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"In recent news, someone was killed when they were bludgeoned over the head with a piece of paper"

Still cool anyways :D


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Wow... imagine a paper cut from one of those things... >_<


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Wow... imagine a paper cut from one of those things... >_<
Yeah, what am I going to take my revenge out on now?

Is there any info on what it weighs?


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So that's how Paper Mario did any damage at all.
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