Gaming Nintendo Russia General Manager Responds to Backlash Surrounding Local Office

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    The head of Nintendo of Russia, Yasha Haddaji, has agreed to answer some questions regarding the work of the local office in the interview with GameMag. We’ve gathered the most important bits of Yasha’s comments about the ongoing Nintendo of Russia controversy.

    About the pricing

    The price of each Nintendo product in Russia is calculated with a specific equation. There is a base purchase price for games, consoles, and accessories that is set by Nintendo of Europe. In addition to that, there are 5-15% National tax, an exchange difference, shipment price, additional fees and distributor’s margin.

    Even the exchange difference is dictated by Nintendo of Europe, as they ask for analytics’ exchange forecast from several specialized companies.

    That’s how recommended retail prices are defined. However, Nintendo of Russia only suggests them to local retailers — they are free to set their own pricing based on what they think works best for each item.

    It’s actually easier for the Russian office to keep low prices for consoles and games, than for accessories. That’s because they can order exclusive batches of consoles and games for Russia without predefined prices. Thanks to that, the price for Fire Emblem: Three Houses in Russia, for example, is only 3 749 rubles (€53), while the German price for the same game is 4 255 rubles (€60).

    It’s pointless to compare the Russian prices to the USA, Haddaji says, as Nintendo of Russia pricing strategy is based on European prices.

    The office makes big purchases for their region every 6 months, so Russian players can expect to see lower prices by the end of the year — if analytics’ forecasts will be favorable for the Ruble. But the latest purchase was made with the Ruble to Euro exchange rate 76 in mind, even though it’s currently only 70.5.

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