Gaming Nintendo's new Ring-Con is a welcome return to Wii weirdness

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    Weird Nintendo, I've always felt, is the best Nintendo. From well-known oddities such as the Ultra Hand or Love Tester through to deeper cuts like the Chiritori, a remote control vacuum cleaner that was an early precursor to the Roomba, or the Unirack, a shelving unit that came with its own set of handkerchiefs and a secret compartment to squirrel them away in, all so that children could conjure them out of thin air in a performative trick for the whole family, it's where the heart of the company lies. Storage units and disappearing acts? Now that's the Nintendo I love - the toymaker extraordinaire, taking everyday items and imbuing them with a little magic.

    All of which was very much present and correct in the enigmatic reveal of a new piece of kit coming to the Nintendo Switch, a brief trailer smartly positioned well away from last week's Direct - a move that tells you a fair amount about where this particular device is being marketed. And that trailer will also have given you a fair idea of what to expect from what's officially dubbed the 'Ring-Con'. It's a rubberised ring that's just about shoulder width, and in which you can place a Joy-Con to track your movements alongside various other magical uses.

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