NO not Again!(Takes Damage)


Hey Listen!!
What do you mean?

A unit need to take damage to run the event... you can't calculate in "map initialize" a thing to calculate damage without the specific event


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Yes and no.
You can only use specific unit events in the actual event.
Otherwise you need to add the event from another trigger.


I am amazingly focused right now!


Hey Listen!!
are you sure you got the latest version of Damage?

get it from the link in the POST, not in the map (when i was getting it... the map are undated...)


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Yes, i updated, and now still doesnt work. Code:

library MovingStrike initializer InitTrigger
// +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
// |     Moving Strikes - Created by Chaos_Knight.  Requires a vJass preprocessor! |   
// +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
// | Gives a small chance to move the Attacker to the GetAttacker() and            |
// | deals damage to the GetTriggerUnit()                                          |
// +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+
// | How to Import:                                                                |
// |  - Create a new trigger                                                       |
// |  - Convert it to Custom text (Edit > Convert to Custom Text)                  |
// |  - Replace everything there with this code                                    |
// |  - Change the constants to suit yourself                                      |
// |  - Enjoy!                                                                     |
// +-------------------------------------------------------------------------------+

// |-------------|
// | Constants:  |
// |-------------|
        // The effect created on the target when it is being possessed:
        private constant string EFFECT = "Abilities\\Weapons\\PhoenixMissile\\Phoenix_Missile_mini.mdl"
        private constant string EFFECT2 = "Abilities\\Weapons\\PhoenixMissile\\Phoenix_Missile.mdl"
        private constant string EFFECT3 = "Abilities\\Spells\\Human\\Thunderclap\\ThunderClapCaster.mdl"
        private constant string EFFECT4 = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Doom\\DoomDeath.mdl"
        private constant string EFFECT6 = "Abilities\\Spells\\Other\\Monsoon\\MonsoonBoltTarget.mdl"
        // Which is attached to the targets:
        private constant string EFFECT_POSITION = "weapon,left"
        private unit TARGET
        private constant string EFFECTPOSITION = "hand,right"
        private constant string EFFECTPOS = "origin"
        private constant boolean SHOWEFFECT = true //Will Show the effects(6).
        private constant boolean IS_RANGED = true //If the damage is ranged
        private constant boolean IS_MEELE = true //If the damage is from meele combat(128 Warcraft metres).
        private constant integer RED = 90 //Red color.
        private constant integer GREEN = 0 //Green color.
        private constant integer BLUE = 110 //Blue color.
        private constant integer ALPHA = 255 //Alpha(how much the TextTag's visible).
        private constant boolean SHOWDAMAGE = true //Will create the TextTag, if true.
        private constant integer DAMAGE = 35
        private constant integer C = 100 // Testing Purposes.
        //I Reccomend having it 1% chance. setting beyond this value may make it unbalanced.
        private constant integer FROMTARGET = 128 //How Far you are moving
        private constant attacktype DmgType = ATTACK_TYPE_CHAOS //Selfexplaining
        private constant damagetype AtkType = DAMAGE_TYPE_FIRE//^ same
        private constant weapontype WepType = WEAPON_TYPE_WHOKNOWS//No idea...
        // The Raw code of the ability
        private constant integer ID = 'A008'
    private constant function CHANCE takes integer level returns integer
        return C * level
    private constant function DMG takes integer Lvl returns integer
        return DAMAGE * Lvl
// |------------------|
// | End of Constants |
// |------------------|
private function Cons takes nothing returns boolean
    return IsUnitEnemy(TARGET , GetOwningPlayer(GetAttacker())) and GetRandomInt(0, 100) <= CHANCE(GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetAttacker(), ID)) and not IsUnitType(TARGET, UNIT_TYPE_HERO) and GetUnitAbilityLevel(GetAttacker() , ID) > 0

        private function Moving takes nothing returns nothing
            local unit u = GetAttacker()
            local real x1 = GetUnitX( u )
            local real y1 = GetUnitY( u )
            local real x2 = GetUnitX( TARGET )
            local real y2 = GetUnitY( TARGET )
            local real angle = Atan2(y2 - y1, x2 - x1)
            local texttag TT = CreateTextTag()
            set TARGET = GetTriggerUnit()
            if SHOWEFFECT then
                call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFECT, u, EFFECT_POSITION))
                call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFECT2, u, EFFECTPOSITION))
                call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFECT3, TARGET, EFFECTPOS))
                call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFECT4, TARGET, EFFECTPOS))
                call DestroyEffect(AddSpecialEffectTarget(EFFECT6, TARGET, EFFECTPOS))
               if SHOWDAMAGE then
                    call SetTextTagText (TT,R2S(DMG(GetUnitAbilityLevel(u, ID))) + "!", 0.023)
                    call SetTextTagPosUnit (TT, u, 10 )
                    call SetTextTagColor (TT, RED, GREEN, BLUE, 255 )
                    call SetTextTagVelocity (TT, 0.0355 * Cos(90. * bj_DEGTORAD), 0.0355 * Sin(90. * bj_DEGTORAD))
                    call SetTextTagVisibility (TT, true)
                    call SetTextTagFadepoint (TT, 2.00)
                    call SetTextTagLifespan (TT, 2.00)
                    call SetTextTagPermanent (TT, false)
            call SetUnitX( u , x2 + FROMTARGET * Cos(angle))
            call SetUnitY( u , y2 + FROMTARGET * Sin(angle))
            call UnitDamageTarget( u , TARGET , DMG(GetUnitAbilityLevel(u, ID))  , IS_RANGED , IS_MEELE , DmgType , AtkType , WepType )
        set u = null
        set TT = null
function InitTrigger takes nothing returns nothing
    local trigger t = CreateTrigger()
    call Damage_RegisterEvent(t)
    call Moving()




Hey Listen!!
I did. It's 1.0.3 right?

EDIT: It's 1.0.1 right?

look at the link

Version 1.0.4 :p

copy the code from the post, not map

EDIT: (now i see the second page lol) hmm good but i think this is wrong place to show the updates :p

you got your topic...

also you can change this:


to this

[ljass]Damage_Spell[/ljass] or [ljass]UnitDamageTargetEx[/ljass]

EDIT EDIT: function InitTrigger takes nothing returns nothing

make this private


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I know what i did wrong.

library MovingStrikes initializer InitTrigger

library MovingStrike initializer InitTrigger requires Damage


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