US News North Carolina: Police Beg Locals to Refrain From Taking 'Pot Shots' at Chinese Spy Balloon


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North Carolina police are urging residents to refrain from aiming their guns into the sky to take "pot shots" at a Chinese spy balloon that may be headed their way.

President Joe Biden faced Republican backlash after deciding, on the advice of military leaders, against shooting down the high-altitude surveillance balloon when it was spotted over Montana earlier this week. A number of the same Republicans have since encouraged citizens to take the matter into their own hands by shooting at the balloon themselves.

Police in Gastonia, about 20 miles from Charlotte, begged locals in a Facebook post on Friday to avoid firing their guns into the air in hopes of shooting down the balloon, which a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration model predicts could be in the area on Saturday morning.

Officials also urged residents to not bother contacting them if they do spot the balloon, explaining that they do not "have the capability" to respond to an object that is believed to be around 60,000 feet in the air.

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