World North Korea 'feeding workers crystal meth' to speed up skyscraper project


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North Korean workers are being given a methamphetamine-based drug in the hope it will speed up a major construction project, according to reports.

Project managers in the city's capital of Pyongyang are said to be under so much pressure to finish the job on time that they have resorted to openly providing builders with the drug.

Nicknamed "ice," it is a form of the powerful stimulant methamphetamine, which is also known as crystal meth.

When snorted or inhaled, crystal meth gives users a sense of euphoria, increased energy levels and a suppressed appetite. The effects can last up to 12 hours.

Hundreds of thousands of North Korean citizens have been roped in to finish the project, which consists of a 70-floor skyscraper and more than 60 apartment blocks.

It was approved earlier this year by North Korean leader Kim Jong-un in defiance of tough sanctions placed on the hermit state over its nuclear weapons tests.

Read more here. (New Zealand Herald)
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