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This might sound retarded but this game scares me, even if nothing pops-up im still creeped out. Even if nothing pops-up, is there any negative, gorey, or otherwise "scary" graphics, or horrible eery music?

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I don't think so. It is a puzzle/riddle solving game. Example - you will see a door and the only way to get in is to change the url by adding a 2 to it. Or you might need to view the source of webpages to find clues, etc. It is kind of a computer oriented myst.


Notpron Notspecific Clues
1) Try Everything. Anything that seems even slightly logical based on the clues you can find. Often times, there'll be a little wrong answer page that helps point you in the right direction.

2) You'll definately need Photoshop and you might need a musical instrument of some kind.

3) Make notes of everything. Unless you expect to remember every important aspect of every level, you'll have to write some stuff down.

4) Google is your best friend. You should be Googling absolutely everything that you don't understand.

5) My clues are best used after you've tried the level yourself for a bit. They're there to sort of nudge your thinking in a direction maybe it wasn't already going.

Notpron Notanswers
Level 1 - Just click it.
Level 2 - Spacebar is tricky.
Level 3 - Look up. Keep looking.
Level 4 - Having your brightness up helps a lot in this game.
Level 5 - To Google an exact string, you have to put it in "quotes."
Level 6 - So that's what numlock does.
Level 7 - Check the source code. You'll probably need to Google this one.
Level 8 - More source code. Wrong extension.
Level 9 - So here's another clue for you all: the walrus was Paul.
Level 10 - He's talking about sound recorder.
Level 11 - What's wrong with this picture?
Level 12 - "It's not a schooner, its a sailboat."
Level 13 - Keanu Reeves played a lawyer.
Level 14 - Speaking of Keanu Reeves... 233 and 224
Level 15 - They're coordinates, basically.
Level 16 - You should already have been writing that stuff down.
Level 17 - Idunno, just name it. I didn't have enough trouble with this one to come up with a decent hint.
Level 18 - Perfect pitch helps.
Level 19 - It's alphabetical.
Level 20 - They're all lowercase.
Level 21 - Oh man. I hope you have Photoshop.
Level 22 - This one's kinda dumb.
Level 24 - It's for you.
Level 25 - A lot of these require Photoshop. Even the Gimp doesn't quite cut it.
Level 26 - Filetypes.
Level 27 - One step back, two steps forward.
Level 28 - Or is it three steps forward?
Level 29 - This is notpron.
Level 30 - Who's responsible for this?
Level 31 - Like I said ten levels ago...
Level 32 - This detail is easily missed.
Level 33 - Keyboard work.
Level 34 - It's a pictogram.
Level 35 - You'll have to download it.
Level 36 - Filenames again.
Level 37 - Wikipedia will help.
Level 38 - You write them in parenthesis.
Level 39 - I used to do this in 7th grade.
Level 40 - Look closer.
Level 41 - I've got rhythm.
Level 42 - A lot of these levels make reference to earlier levels. Think back and think music.
Level 43 - You should always check the source code for the filenames being used.
Level 44 - Sliders.
Level 45 - You'll need a map.
Level 46 - Blending mode: Overlay.
Level 47 - They're both backwards.
Level 48 - You ever see Gattaca?
Level 49 - Conversions.
Level 50 - Tricksy. Walk the circle, then look up.
Level 51 - What makes a game unfair?
Level 52 - It's upside down.
Level 53 - Level 5.
Level 54a - Missing a letter.
Level 54b - Um... idunno how to hint at this one without just giving it away.
Level 55 - It's better than bad, it's good.
Level 56 - You need both images.
Level 57 - You're gonna need a bigger phonebook.
Level 58 - Hitting Esc is faster than clicking Stop.
Level 59 - Not that romantic.
Level 60 - It's a music lesson and a history lesson.
Level 61 - NO MATHS! The answer is very dark.
Level 62 - Who is responsible for this?
Level 63 - AAisA. Ignore the chord.
Level 64 - Springfield, Springfield, it's a hell of a town.
Level 65 - ALWAYS look at the source code. ALL of it.
Level 66 - It's WAAAY back there, ctrlA.
Level 67 - You have to say his name three times.
Level 68 - Save what you edit.
Level 69 - Merry Christmas.
Level 70 - Does this count as a pun?
Level 71 - Follow the typos.
Level 72 - If you build it, they will come.
Level 73 - X gets the square, you feel me?
Level 74 - What's 640 plus 480?
Level 75 - ICUP.
Level 76 - See previous level. All of it. This one's three parts.
Level 77 - No going back. Are you a good Christian?
Level 78 - What's that spell!?
Level 79 - Jump!
STUPID: It's addition.
SMART: It's description.
JUMPING: Roman palindrome.
DROP: No maths.
THUMB UP: Before & after.
PUSH: An marga? What's that an anagram for?
PULL: Still didn't get this one.

And that's as far as I've gotten. I have a real walkthrough that I've been writing (the game sort of requires you to make notes), but I didn't wanna completely ruin the game.

I know it's called NotPr0n, but there is actually Pr0n hidden in levels 18 and 74 and probably a few other places.
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