NUON Authentication Tools Thread - Emulating older outdated versions of Linux

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It looks like we do not have the right code and this is not an environment problem. I am unsticking this as it is not the most major about getting new games out at this point.

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At this point it looks like we have confirmation that the Authentication Tools work and we have passed a major hurdle. The guy who did it is signed up on the forum and hopefully he will post more information later. This is so Awesome!

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Sticking this thread again and when we get more information I will make sure this thread is updated.


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Alrighty folks, I'm still working on putting together a VM with all of this configured, but thought I would release this to the folks with an old RedHat environment already setup. I've uploaded the .gnupg files and the bless files to here:
Just uncompress into your user's home directory and you should be able to sign away!
The password you can use to unlock the application signing is:
Thou Shalt Be Free:P-A1S2:EDC0
Let me know if you have any questions or issues.

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It is kind of funny and ironic that NUON never released the rights like Atari did when they were with Hasbro. I tried to track down who owns the NUON IP and it looks like it is in some Super Corporation that has probably totally forgot about it.


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So, a little more than a year after I posted to Yak's forum, I made a follow up to my post, letting them know the issue has been resolved.
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I am unsticking this and starting something else.... I don't think this is totally resolved yet because we do not have something we can distribute easily but I think it will be all wrapped up soon. Moving on to the Emulator and SD Card type solution stuff.


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you don't need an old redhat setup, I compiled his upload ( on my current mint linux... it's missing the vmlabs/include folder, which is in the from dragon shadowindustry site... attached.

It compiles and runs fine, but I haven't tested it.

I haven't had a good look at the blessing code, but I'm guessing it shouldn't be too hard to port over to windows.


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