Nvidia 320.18 WHQL Display Driver is Damaging GPUs


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It seems as soon as Nvidia hit an all time high with their GPU’s, there is evidence that the 320.18 WHQL display drivers are killing off GPUs. Fortunately it hasn’t killed every card it’s touched (It’s actually a very low amount), but there is hardly any good news to report about the 320.18 WHQL display drivers.

It simply started with users going to the Nvidia forum thread to give feedback on the 320.18 display drivers. On 05/23/2013 at 02:31 PM Nvidia 320.18 WHQL display drivers went live. Below is a timeline of how the release of the 320.18 went down, it’s not pretty.

Timeline included. Read more here.

I'm using 320.18 WHQL drivers, running on Geforce GT640. Hell, this isn't good. No damage so far, though. I'm not having troubles right now.
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