Technology Nvidia Warns Windows Gamers on GPU Driver Flaws

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    Nvidia has patched three vulnerabilities in its Windows GPU display driver that could enable information disclosure, denial of service and privilege escalation.

    Graphics chipmaker Nvidia has issued three patches for high-severity vulnerabilities in its GPU display driver, which could lead to information disclosure, escalation of privileges and denial of service (DoS) in impacted Windows gaming devices.

    Nvidia’s graphics driver for Windows is used in devices targeted to enthusiast gamers; it’s the software component that enables the device’s operating system and programs to use its high-level graphics hardware.

    The most severe of the flaws, CVE‑2019‑5675, could be exploited to launch DoS attacks that could cripple the system, as well as give attackers escalation of privileges and disclose system information, according to a Thursday advisory released by Nvidia.

    Read more here. (Threat Post)

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