Official Banner Contest Submissions

The Helper

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The Mission

The time has come.

The end is near.

It's here.

And we all knew it would come some day.

We were even waiting for it.

Finally, after looking for some five years at the very same top banner,
we have decided we need a new one.

That's were you, The Helper's Helpers, come into play.

We're happy to announce the official The Helper Banner Contest.

Banner Submission

  • The banner will be a header for the top of the page.
  • Banner not to exceed 100px in height.
  • Banner can be separate, or blend with the page.
  • Banner does not have to be a rectangle, like now.
  • Banner colors and style should compliment the existing forum color scheme.
* The main page will most likely be changed to match later on.
* Remember the forums stretch to full screen width.

  • A voting thread will be opened in the General forum for Registered members, their vote will count as one.
  • Special Members forum will have a voting thread and their vote will count as one.
  • Moderators Lounge will have a voting thread and their vote will count as one.
  • Each Administrator will have a vote.

The Prize

  • We don't really have anything to offer to the winner except bragging rights on you did the banner.
  • We will throw in a forum signature to the winner if they do not already have one.
  • We will also give +100 rep.

The Submission Thread Rules

Please no Banner discussions here - leave this thread to the submissions. Nothing like the following:

  • Wow, this, like, totally, r0xxorZ
  • What suckage...
  • Never touch a mouse again!
  • Mine's cooler
  • Mine's longer...

These rules, and this post in general, are also not open to discussion.

The Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is it?
A: See that dude top left? And that tasteless blue thingy next to it?
That's what we're talking about here.
We need something new and improved.

Q: Can I participate?
A: Any registered member can submit their work of art.

Q: Can I submit two or more banners?
A: Sure, why not? There's only one winning banner though...

Q: How much time do I have?
A: The contest will run from two weeks to one month, depending on the submissions and level of interest.

Q: I'm really good with MS Paint. Can I use that?
A1: Uhm... what?
A2: Submissions must be in either jpg, gif or png.

Q: I found this really cool banner, somewhere around hit 317, with Google with "cool banners".
A: Try me.

Q: I'm Special Member, so I can vote twice, right? (In general and in special)
A: Named polls... -30 rep.

So, on your mouse. Ready. Draw!


From the depths, I come.
Here's mine, please send any comments or suggestions, so I can make it better (if needed).
Just ask me to change colors textures backround anything and ill get to it right away. :D Ask away cause i got plenty time on my hands. ;)


____ ___ ____ __
Don't no if you will allow flash but heres a shot at it... btw i made it in like 10 mins so if u want to edit it u can freely... Oh and its 100 px (height) x 500 px (width) TH flash on free web hoster lol


Local Lurker
Well here's another one, that I personally think is better than my other one.

REMEMBER: All of my banners will/are completely editable. Edit anything (colour, font, etc).

The little "orbs" at the top, I think could be used for two reasons:
•Changing colour schemes (if that happens ;). And if that does I can change the colour of them accordingly).

Anyway, here it is. Enjoy.



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Staff member
First I'll say, its too bad some people submit about 10 different ones to vote on, hoping one will hit the mark.

Here I present two variations. One with capitals, and one with lowercase like the existing logo. A combination can be used as well.

My banner should fit on an 800 resolution, as it can resize with the forum. It also resizes smaller than the forum table does anyway. It can fit on all forum pages and a modified main page.

The gray line is conditional, as long as it can be made resizeable to match the current forum width of the screen using CSS or some other method.



I come from the net ... My format, Vector.
800 wide and 100 high. The one on the right is the preview, the one on the left is the one I want to submit.

Good luck to you all.


It only does everything.
What I came up with..

First one is just the banner, the second one is the one with the forum behind it.

There is some empty space and you could maybe fill it with a description of the forum. I don't know... ;)

[edit] fixed typo and changed the banner a little.
Added round end.

Thank you SD_Ryoko for telling me how to see how it looks on the forum.
Mine looks very alike SD_Ryoko (even though his is better :)) because I saw a very proffesional design in his and I tried to do something alike.



Erased the flaming one and instead im putting this animated one up. Yes its using a filter called "Waves" in GIMP but I had to put alot of work into the background (It puts a grey background and you have to go to each layer and replace all the grey with the background)


Didn't work on these long but i like my jingles lol :p.

I am ofc willing to change bg color, text color, font style and anything.

Oops.. Figured out that maybe have to change your whole colour theme for this...

Well dunno, anyways here's the pictures.

EDIT: Well, maybe you want you old jingle, tell me and I'll fix it.

EDIT: Removed pics, saw that they were supposed to be 100 px height, will maybe work on more banner l8r.

Edit by Acehart:

> saw that they were supposed to be 100px height

Or less. If yours is 87, that's OK too. It really just depends on what it looks like... ;)


level 85 anti-spammer
Here's my first one, I might add another in a bit.
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