Crime Officials: Suspect killed, tried to eat girlfriend

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TYLER — A man held on a capital murder charge in the death of his 21-year-old girlfriend tried to cook and eat her body before police arrived, authorities said today.

The woman's death and mutilation were apparently the beginning of a crime spree that included the murder suspect stabbing the boyfriend of his estranged wife and breaking into a business. The stabbing victim is in critical condition at an area hospital, officials said.

Christopher Lee McCuin, 25, of Tyler, is in the Smith County Jail on a $2 million bond today and did not have an attorney, officials said.

Sheriff officials were alerted Saturday morning after McCuin told his mother and her boyfriend to look in their garage. There, the couple saw the body of 21-year-old Jana Shearer, McCuin's girlfriend. McCuin's mother and her boyfriend fled the home and flagged down a police officer.

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Wow, that is some truly disturbing stuff. Don't know what else to say here except that I am truly grieved for the victims and their families. He will definitely be proven guilty that's for sure.
"tried to cook and eat her body before police arrived"

did he really think he can eat the whole body? thats 100 lb of flesh.
Nope, I was scrolling down and saw "eat girlfriend" and thought "WTF???"

But this is really really messed up. He has to get some help. Even if he thought God told him to eat her. Seriously. What kind of person imagines that.
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