News Ohio: Woman charged $1,010 for a single Subway sandwich, still waiting for solution


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COLUMBUS, Ohio — A woman is out a thousand dollars, and it’s all thanks to a Subway sandwich. What was supposed to be a quick bite for Letitia Bishop has turned into a nightmare.

There’s no way, unless it’s wrapped in gold or from some other place. I would never pay $1,010 for a Subway sandwich,” Bishop told WSYX.

She stopped by the Thorntons gas station on Winchester Pike to grab a bite from Subway on Jan. 5. The receipt shows that she ordered 3 subs for her and her family. She wasn’t expecting to spend over a thousand on just one sub.

When she went back to check, the Subway shop inside the gas station was suddenly closed.

I talked to the Subway person in person, and just was trying to see what was going on, and to see if they can instantly credit me back. They told me I had to get hold of Subway [directly]. There’s no phone number that leads to a live person,” she said.

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