[Old/WIP] 'Terraria' sortof Minigame


Currently inactive
Version 0.8 B released now!

A while back I made a minigame based on the idea's from Terraria/Minecraft. Except in well WC3. lol.
The game was named 'Terraria' due to lack of creativity of a new name :/

It's kindof still in progress, but I gave up on it awhile ago. Wondering if anyone enjoys this and would like me to continue progress on it.


You (and your friends (if multiplayer)) are stranded in a mystical forest. You are forced to find resources and build shelter before nightfall or be eaten alive my nocturnal beasts. Whilest able to barricade yourself or with a friend, temporarily safe for the fortnight, until the vicious attack of the Skeletons. Corruption has started to spread across the haunted forest and deformed slime monsters have become inhabited and are removing the life from all the trees. Whilest attempting to survive, these puny Human(/'s) must rid the forest of evil and remain in one piece. All in a nights work, right?

The map is randomly generated, new trees, rockpiles and goldmines are spawned randomly everytime the map is played.
Players are spawned seperated and at random locations.
The game has a time system, watching the Sun in the Top Center of the screen helps the player to view when Night shall occur. (or by wearing a watch)
As a player is aware that night shall soon occur, he is to build a barricaded base surrounding all sides, so that zombies and other nocturnal enemies cannot hurt him/her.
As morning reaches all nocturnal enemies are smited and destroyed by the Sun. Leaving players free to explore non-corrupted areas safely.
There is a light/vision system. This being that the player can see more during the day and almost nothing at night. Therefore he/she should build a campfire or torchlights to grant vision for himself (and his/her friends).
There is a weapon system, only one weapon may be held at a time. (This is still very minor, as it is in Progress)
There is a resources system; rock, lumber and gold need to be mined by 'attacking'/'farming' off the environment.
Rock is necessary for walls and buildings, Lumber necessary for fires, Gold for advanced structures and defenses.
As time passes, both the players and the enemies become more customly equipt to fight off each other.
Enemies are spawned depending on the decisions of the players, and players can make use of traps and defensive walls to their advantage to 'maze'/'trick' the enemies.
Multiple strategies are possible, only limited to the creativity of the player.
There is a digging function, in which a player can set the ground or break it, with layers which lead to additional resources and base customization. Down to the point of Lava/Magma which damages players and enemies that walk apon it.

-Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne
-Slight mini-game understanding or capability to grasp different ideas very fast
-Able to act on their feet, and not QQ/RageQuit if they lose (in otherwords, dont blame my game dammit ;p)

Can be played Single Player, but obviously that is harder as you cant build with anyone. Or be revived by anyone.

This is needed for the workbench, fires and specific structures.​

Trees, when destroyed will drop lumber and have a chance to drop Thorns.

Rock is the most important resources, but less common than Lumber/Trees. Necessary for creating walls and structures.​

All resources are mined using the 'A' attack command.
Try keep out of this for a majority of the game. When you are able to defeat zombies without much difficulty, or have a few friends with you. Enter here to fight slimes and bosses, aswel make use of the Demon Alter to craft special items and other unique effects.
Ideal simple first night defense:
By the first night, you need atleast this to keep you safe from nocturnal attacks. Remember to press 'H' in the centre to avoid running to edges when enemies approach. (Depending on players and randomness of each round, you might not interact with any)
WorkBench: (Most standard structure/Place to craft)
This requires only 2 Lumber. Easily accessable by destroying up to 2 tree's. This contains Stone Floor, Torch, Campfire, Shovel, Signpost and other unique items.
Time of Day / Vision :
Day time, notice the position of the Sun and time of day. This is safe and more visible.

Night time, notice the position of the Moon and time of day. This is dangerous and much less visible.

At night, it is recommended to build Torches and Campfires (from the WorkBench) before night. Torches are cheaper and contain 4 charges; however Campfires are more expensive but grant more vision at night, and vision range can be upgraded.
End of Night:
At night, nocturnal enemies attack. As morning strikes, most are smited to death. They will go in one final rabid frenzy to kill whilest being smited.
Types of defensive structures to slay enemies:
If there is anything misunderstood, or if any particular screenshot is requested. Just mention in the comments below.

Download Links:
Version 0.7 (Stable)
Version 0.8 C
Direct Link:
Version 0.7
Version 0.8 C
Version 0.7 - 95
Version 0.8 B - 36
Version 0.8 C - 102

-SeaguI/Inflicted/InflictedChaos Those are all me.
-Blade_101, The-Catalyst, Dr-Awesome, TheLegend and Gantoris for assistance and idea's.
-D.O.G. and tee.dubs for models
-FhelZone, stefanstan95, PeeKay and Nara-shikamaru for icons

-Loading Screen
-Idea's & Suggestions

Don't be scared if you see a dull looking minimap or no loading screen. I reduced the amount of custom imported files to reduce the file size, so that you could download it faster :)
This game will be slightly difficult at first. First time hint, keep off dead/undead ground and mine using attack 'a' on trees and rocks. Build a surrounding barricade for night.

Ty. Please comment, give suggestions and feedback below. Your opinions are appreciated. Should this map be continued? (You decide.)



Currently inactive
As of version 0.8

Enemy types:

Zombie - Classic
Most simple and common type of enemy.
Only appears at night. Is killed during daytime.
NEW! Now explodes on death, dealing 10 damage to all units around it.
When attacking a Human with less than 50 hit points, it shall go in a blood hunger increasing its movement speed by 40% for 6 seconds.
Damage: 2-3 + [.33 per minute]
Attack Cooldown: 0.9s
Movement Speed: 180 + [2.5% per night]
NEW! Hit Points: 45![100]
Being overwhelmed by overpowered Zombies? Want to just go on a zombie mashing spree? Have no fear, for version 0.8 is here!! New Zombie nerf and weapon buff should help all. Stay tuned for more.

Bat - Common
Slightly more rare than zombies. But after a few nights becomes very regular. Moves faster than zombies, hurts more than zombies and doesn't dies as fast as zombies.
Drinking the Blood of the Bat increases maximum hit points by 1-2. (killing it) NEW!
Only appears at night. Is killed during daytime.
Damage: 3-12 + [.33 per minute]
Attack Cooldown: 1.4s
Movement Speed: 250 + [2.5% per night]
NEW! Hit Points: 180![200]

Death Wyrm: NEW!
Death Wyrm - Uncommon
Less rare than Bats, but after a long period of time start swarming. Alot smaller and nimbler than Bats, for this reason it is able to fly higher and over walls. Weak but capable enemies that feed off weak Humans.
Strength does not increase, but amount increase fast.
Only appears at night. Is killed during daytime.
Damage: 4-5
Attack Cooldown: 0.33s
Movement Speed: 270
Hit Points: 20

Sludge - Uncommon
These heavy hitting monstrosities are spawned from within the corruption. Should not leave there spawn area unless disturbed by a player. They are slow and are known to slowly stalk players. Do not approach until decently equipt.
Only appears at corruption. Does respawn. Day and Night monster.
NEW! Now apon every 10th attack, the Sludge will cast a damaging poison apon attacked enemies.
Damage: 7-10
Attack Cooldown: 1.65s
Movement Speed: 150
Hit Points: 240

Infernal Juggernaut:
Infernal Juggernaut - Rare
Apon the death of a Slime, there is a 25% chance that a haunting will occur; causing an infernal destruction to rein its terror apon a corruption.
Only appears on corruption. Event Spawning. Day and Night monster.
Damage: 20-29
Attack Cooldown: 1.6s
Movement Speed: 180
Hit Points: 1500

Skeleton - Uncommon
Simplest type of Skeleton. Most common, normal appears in hordes.
Only arrives at night. Occurs on specific nights, Skeleton army's arrive together from Corruption's.
Damage: 8-9
Attack Cooldown: 1.2s
Movement Speed: 180
Hit Points: 150

Skeleton Archer:
Skeleton Archer - Uncommon
Similar to the classic skeleton, except has a bow allowing him to attack over barricades with a range of 200. This will only attack players standing against barricade edges. Building wider bases will avoid Skeleton Archer's from attacking.
Only arrives at night. Occurs on specific nights, Skeleton army's arrive together from Corruption's.
Damage: 19-21
Attack Cooldown: 0.9s
Movement Speed: 180
Hit Points: 75

Skeleton Lord:
Skeleton Lord - Rare
King of Skeleton's. One shall accompany an army every 6 nights. Super slow but highly deadly, this brute is so powerful that it is able to destroy barricades. Is able to summon Skeleton Minions.
Only arrives at night. Occurs on specific nights, Skeleton army's arrive together from Corruption's.
Damage: 56-57
Attack Cooldown: 1.6s
Movement Speed: 120
Hit Points: 500

Skeleton Minion:
Skeleton Minion- Uncommon
Slaves of the Skeleton Lord, these tiny enslaved souls are raised from the dead to attack the players at the command of the Skeleton Lord. After 60 seconds of roaming, these souls are set free causing their skeletons to collapse into the earth.
Only arrives at night. Occurs on specific nights, Skeleton army's arrive together from Corruption's.
Damage: 3-4
Attack Cooldown: 0.33s
Movement Speed: 360
Hit Points: 40

Spiderling - Uncommon
Neutral that spawns at random position. Spiders stay in groups. Spiderlings are very common with Bigger Spiders.
Damage: 2-3
Attack Cooldown: 1.35s
Movement Speed: 270
Hit Points: 35

Giant Spider:
Giant Spider - Uncommon
Neutral that spawns at random position. Normally accompanied with a few Spiderlings.
Damage: 4-5
Attack Cooldown: 1.35s
Movement Speed: 300
Hit Points: 85

Brood Mother:
Brood Mother - Rare
Neutral that spawns at random position. These spawn later in the game, do not occur within first 4 nights. Drops many thorns apon death.
NEW! On death, 4 Spiderlings that where living inside the Brood Mother are released.
Damage: 29-33
Attack Cooldown: 1.35s
Movement Speed: 320
Hit Points: 750

Overlord Arachnid:
Overlord Arachnid - Rarest NEW!
Summoned at the Demon Alter, can only be spawned at night. This unit is very strong and is the final boss.
Disappears as night ends.
Damage: 23-36
Attack Cooldown: 1.70s
Movement Speed: 200
Hit Points: 4 000

Snail - Common NEW!
Appear during the day, drop a common but necessary slime that is needed for lighting.
Damage: 0
Attack Cooldown: 0
Movement Speed: 100
Hit Points: 10

Chicken - Common NEW!
Appear during the day, meat is used in potions.
Damage: 0
Attack Cooldown: 0
Movement Speed: 100
Hit Points: 15

Images in initial post of basic resources and how they should be mined.

Below are a list of all the resources:
Mined: Picked up from destroyed trees. In bundles of 1.
Shown: This is shown in the players Lumber Slot at the Top Right of the screen.
Usage: Fires, Structures.
Initial Amount: 3000 + Acorn Grown Amount

Mined: Mined by destroying/breaking parts or natural rocks. Is also found underground if dug.
Shown: Inventory, stackable.
Usage: Walls, Structures.
Initial Amount: 1000 + 1 p/min

Mined: Broken off pieces of Goldmines are gathered in golden coins.
Shown: This is shown in the players Lumber Slot at the Top Right of the screen.
Usage: Weapons, Structures, Tools/Utility
NEW! Initial Amount: 35! [45]

Mined: There is a 1/6 chance that thorns are dropped when Tree's are destroyed. Common drops of Spiders.
Shown: Inventory
Usage: Used to reinforce walls to deal damage per second to nearby enemies. [Coming Soon: Thorn Weapon'(/s)]
Initial Amount: 0

Mined: Drops when a meteor hits the ground every 6 minutes or boss death.
Shown: Inventory
Usage: These have minimal purposes currently, besides upgrading walls to have slow aura's. [Coming Soon: Alchemy/Potions using meteorite]
Initial Amount: 0

Shadow Orb:
Mined: Dropped on the death of a Slime.
Shown: Inventory
Usage: Currently only used to commit the Unholy Revival and in potions. Has a high sale value.
Initial Amount: 0

Mined: Naturally occurs, 2 shades appear every 5 minutes.
Shown: Inventory
Usage: These have minimal purposes currently, 2 of these can be molded into the Bone Chimes of the Scourge at a Demon Alter. [Coming Soon: Alchemy/Potions using Amethyst]
Initial Amount: 0

Mined: Deaths of Skeletons.
Shown: Inventory
Usage: Fortifies walls. [Coming Soon: Alchemy/Potions using bones]
Initial Amount: 0

Mined: Found
Shown: Inventory, stacks
Usage: Potions.
Initial Amount: 0 (15 per night)

Coming Soon: New Resources and game mechanics.


Arm Blades:
Damage: +10
Effect: None
Cost: 2 Gold

Damage: +15
Effect: None
Cost: 6 Rock

Wooden Axe:
Damage: +18
Effect: Breaks tree's faster.
Cost: 35 Lumber

Burning Axe:
Damage: +6
Effect: Burns target, dealing 8 damage per second and reducing armor by 5 for 2 seconds. Damage is stackable.
Cost: 1 Axe, 1 CampFire

Ogre Axe:
Damage: +20
Effect: None
Cost: 20 Gold

Lunar Blade: NEW!
Damage: +14
Effect: Each attack costs 2 mana, but deals 12 additional magic damage and slows the attacked enemy.
Cost: 1 Axe, 2 Moonflower

Effect: Emites a blast that deals 200 damage, 60 seconds cooldown. NEW! [from 90 second cd]
Cost: 1 Meteorite

Cost: 4 lumber
Effect: Creates basic necessities such as torches and campfires.

Cost: 5 Rock
Effect: Creates weapons, armor and the Cauldron.

Cost: 5 Slime, 1 Rock
Effect: Craft potions.

Cost: 5 Rock
Effect: Creates traps.

Cost: 1 Rock
Effect: Untargetable by most enemies, can be used to block enemies and maze them. Used to protect self at night. Essential.

Ghost Wall
Cost: 3 Lumber
Effect: The same as a normal Wall, however it has the ability to temporarily dissapear, allowing allies to pass. (to enter or leave a base)

Thorned Wall
Cost: 1 Thorns
Effect: Deals damage to enemies against it.

Frost Wall
Cost: 1 Amethyst or 1 Meteorite
Effect: Slows the movement speed of nearby enemies.

Fortified Wall
Cost: 1 Bones
Effect: Attackable by all enemies, can be used to attract enemies for usage of traps.

Growing Tree
Effect: When an acorn is planted, a tree is grown for 100 seconds until it is fully grown and repalced into a normal full grown tree.

Spinning Blade
Cost: 4 Gold
Effect: When activated, deals damage to nearby enemies. Does more damage than Thorn Wall.

Flame Grate
Cost: 10 Torches
Effect: Deals damage to enemies that walk over it. Also slows slightly while on fire. Can be upgraded once.

Cost: 5 Rock
Effect: If set, will be revived at the location of the last selected Bed. (More than one can be owned, only one can be selected)

Cost: 10 Gold, 5 Rock
Effect: Revives fallen players that wont be revived by a bed.

Cost: 3 Rock
Effect: Heals, contains upgrades and is necessary for most structures.

Torch (x4)
Cost: 1 Slime, 1 Lumber
Effect: Grants vision, more is given at night. Necessary to survive and any nocturnal activity.

Cost: 2 Slime, 4 Lumber
Effect: Grants more vision than Torches, vision can be upgraded.

Cost: 3 Lumber
Effect: Can store 3 items, sells Rock.

Cost: 2 Gold
Effect: Helps detect other radar's, allowing players to find each other. Also allows detection, can help find enemies.

Way Gate
Cost: 25 Gold
Effect: Once 2 are build by a single player. Then units are able to pass through to change locations to the alternate Way Gate.
Note: Enemies can also enter waygates, they should be protected.

Potions/Alchemy: NEW!
Simple Craft:
(Items held, icon click and create)
Healing Potion
Requires: 1 Slime, 2 Lumber
Effect: Heals 75 hit points.

Advanced Craft:
(placed in the cauldron, auto crafts)
Greater Healing Potion
Requires: 1 Healing Potion, Shadow Orb
Effect: Heals 200 hit points instantly.

Red Potion
Requires: 1 Healing Potion, 1 Food
Effect: Heals self and nearby allies by 25 hit points, aswel as increasing armor by 10 for 8 seconds.

Moon Potion
Requires: 1 Healing Potion, 1 Moonflower
Effect: Restores 20 Mana, enemies killed within the next 8 seconds become controllable ghosts for 20 seconds.

Digging now destroys trees.

Common Standard, level 1

Grassy Dirt
Common, level 2

Rough Dirt
Uncommon, level 3
Often creates chunks of Wood

Uncommon, level 4
Small chance of finding rock

Uncommon, level 5
Often contains segments of rock shards with it

Light Flat Stones
Uncommon, level 6

Lava Cracks
Semi-Rare, level 7
Deals slight burn damage to those that walk on it

Scorching Lava
Semi-Rare, level 8
Deals medium damage to units that walk over, can kill Humans and zombies fairly easily
Medium chance that Burning Inferno's may spawn when digging to this layer. NEW!
Rare resources can be dug up here, such as lava chunks [Coming Soon!]

Common, level 1
Home to Sludges and Infernal Contraptions. Very dangerous.

NEEDS HELP/IDEAS FOR NEW ITEMS. (p/m me or comment below - will give credit if used)

More coming soon. Will add screenshots of individual enemies.

New Changes:

New Weapons:
Possibly Terrain Differences:
More advanced AI:
Events responding to players actions:
Bug Fixes:

Also a more 'themed' gameplay, where there is a clear difference between nocturnal and day enemies/neutrals.

Notable Difference Completed:
Wall's Packup Function, now stores as a wall to be placed in the players inventory instead of creating rock on the ground. Stackable.
-Reason: This allows misplaced or temporary walls to be moved.
Rock/Gold Resource amount bug
-Bug: Increased attack damage was causing resources to be destroyed faster with less resources being dropped.
-Fix: Now, attacks drop more resources depending on damage dealt. (Therefore stronger weapons/more damage mine faster)
Radar Bug
-Bug: Did not show other radar's for any player other than Red (P1)
-Fix: Now shows for everyone
-Bug: Vision was not granted for players other than Red (P1)
-Fix: Now unlocks camera lock for all players
Lava Undiggable Problem
-Problem: Once dug to lowest level, then could not do anything with lava
-Fix: Now digging on lava extends abit, digging on edge of lava will pull widen the hole. More useful for creating traps or lines of lava to hurt invaders.
Dual Boss Bug
-Problem: 2 Arachnids could be spawned at the same time
-Fix: Now only one can be spawned in a night
Rock Stacks could not be picked up correctly
-Problem: Would be in more than one stack
-Fix: Now picking up 2 stacks, puts them together
New units added.

What do YOU want?
What do you want to see more of in the next version? More types of enemies? More weapons and ways to kill? Perhaps want Thorns or Acorns to stack in the inventory? Want new types or different styles of walls/defenses? New items and resources? New mechanics? Comment Below. :)

Post below for any requests or suggestions.


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Well I don't know if that's a positive response or not..

This makes me feel like playing Minecraft. Where can I get it?
The Map? In first post.
Minecraft? I could give you a download link if you want. Although I never actually played Minecraft because the graphics remind me of Tetris.


New Member
not bad actually but here is an advice: Base the builder on and Acolyte cause he can "destroy" his buildings so the players dont have to attack their own buildings to get out


Currently inactive
not bad actually but here is an advice: Base the builder on and Acolyte cause he can "destroy" his buildings so the players dont have to attack their own buildings to get out
If you mean an Undead Builder to Unsummon the buildings. Then that is not necessary. Did you play the map?
The walls are pretty much the only thing that can block you, and the walls can be removed due to the 'Packup' ability, restoring them to their original contents.

Although all suggestions are appreciated, ty.


New Member
the barrels can be packed up but the white walls cannot, oh and i noticed that the house doesn't want to load you into it


Currently inactive
Ah so you did play the map. C:
Well yea, the white walls look alil odd too. Was kinda thinking of scrapping them too.
Awhile back a player requested that I add a 'nicer' looking wall, so I kinda added those. Should they be removed? Or do you think i should allow them to be degraded/packedup ?
Any other suggestions? Anything that you found unfair or unbalenced?
Suggestions? Idea's? Anything is appreciated.


New Member
you should keep them but remove the diagonal ones. Instead add a wall hub to be constructed. Make the barrels cost lumber and the walls stone cause its a bad concept, i mean a barrel is out of wood, right? :D. The White walls and wall hubs should be able to be degraded and then packed up as barrels. And pls add barrels the ability to upgrade to barricades and add some monsters that can jump over them or dig under (make those monsters weak...) so the white marble terrain would have some sense


Currently inactive
Thank you for your feedback.

I'l take your suggestion about the walls into consideration, however rock will not be removed. Perhaps adjusted, but the need more multiple types of resources will always be there.

Your input is appreciated, and special mention will be added in the Quest/Credits log.


Currently inactive
Is there anything in the game that makes it unbalenced, unfair or unfun? Let me Know! An adjustment will be done, I appreciate all feedback.

Quick rating out of 5, would be appreciated. :)


New Member
Yoz played your game. Its ok, concept wise is correct, gameplay wise....can say its...not really playable yet, taking the consideration it is still in the making. Before you read this, if you plan to give up on this map, or lost interest in this, i really suggest you not reading this. And however, you would glad to spend some time off here, decide whether to finish the map Survival style or Exploration style. If not, DO NOT READ AT ALL.
First off, ima just say a few good points about this.
Gameplay wise, you've grabbed the concept pretty good, during the start, the basics were right, cutting trees, lumber and stone etc.
Mobs are done quite good with the early game "cant kill" but late game "killable". Night and Day concept from Minecraft was taken over with near perfection.

Now, everything seems fine for the first day, but as the days progress on.... huge flaws can be seen.
Items. there are like.... little to none to make. House, chest, bed, barricades. You can say workbench can build quite a few stuffs, but half of them are really extra/deco. And there is nothing much to do when you've secured your perimeter. Since zombies cannot go past barricades, morning is 100% safe haven and night just afk at base. Now, the problem is...if you really want to make it Minecraft/Terreria style map, there ought to be something to explore out there. If not it will be like.... "ITS MORNING! Lets go find wood....and gold...". And yeah i found the meteorite, went Oooo....-.-'' this is...nthing special.
Me and my friend played till the point where we had ogre axe and full inventory of masks. Took down the blight creeps like nth. Items also got nothing much to buy lol.
Now if youre lazy to read the top, here is the review:
- Grabbed the Terraria/Minecraft sort of concept well enough, can tell its very similar
- Mobs aren't overpowered, done really well with the day and night settings
- Newb help with first day free resurrection

- Not really well done enough for some "REAL" gameplay
- Combat system not done well YET. (technically its not important for a sandbox game)
Note: This game can go 2 ways, exploring type or survival type. To me, survival seems easier to make (with zombies auto attacking
barricades), however exploring type is the right way to go BUT this map is really far from there.
- Items are really lacking. If you looking for ideas, I suggest you should follow Minecraft gameplay of mining and logging (wood). Items such as hatchet, pickaxe, all these items help to cut trees and stones down faster in eg, 2 wacks instead of 3. Vary them with different material
(eg. iron/steel/gold/silver/diamond/rune axe) each with no. of charges. Clearer details if you actually play Minecraft.

End of story, this map, is to me, really undone work after the 5min mark, and is not rateable. Put more hard work in and it will be a 4/5. Hard work meaning more exploration/randomness. If you really want some good research materials i suggest you try Minecraft. Don't look down on it and not try it at all coz it looks like tetris, but rather take some courage and try it and then think about it again before you say "its HELL TETRIS SHIT!". Do have the courage to try someone else work before commenting or even try to re-create it. Do what i did here by trying out your map.


Currently inactive
Thank you very much for your time and suggestion, I do plan to continue this project, however I do have others running at the moment and am currently busy with work etc.

Your suggestions are much appreciated and well the lacking is due to this being a very old version.

I appreciate your suggestions, and you are correct on some structures having minimal use. This was due to early in the creation of the map, I rushed a few simple buildings to make the map more fill and contain more. I shall either remove unnecessary structures or adjust them to become useful.

On the side of items/weapons. There are more available in newer versions.
Expect an update within 2-3 days.

Wooden Axe: Adjusted as requested to break trees faster.
Walls comment: Under consideration, considering balancing before changing.

As TheLegend suggested, I have added enemies which can dig under the walls. However I shall be considering making some walls targetable but obviously still able to hold out the initial zombies. I am trying to be careful as to not make this the same as other zombie survivals and still contain some uniqueness.

Also noticing it is your first post, it is quite suggestive and helpful. I am impressed. Many thanks again. :)


Do have the courage to try someone else work before commenting...
I have played and completed Terraria, I have not played MineCraft, however I know they are very similar.
My intentions were not to completely copy the game, but base off from that idea. I could not copy it due to the shorter game duration (players spending hours on MineCraft/Terraria, whilest players only play 30min-1hour on my map). As for the name being a 'copy', I am just waiting for a better name to come along so that I can change it. Unfortunately I lack creativity at the moment and cannot find another name. If you have an idea, feel free to let me know.


New Member
256x256 texture pack = Real Life
Anyway minecraft is pretty good and terraria's textures have as many pixels as minecraft they're just smaller in game.

Add a more advanced mining system that teleports you into a part of the map that looks like its underground with rocks, ores, water and lava in it.
Better Tools with buffs/effects maybe something that increases its damage everytime you kill someone.


Currently inactive
Thank you for the idea.

The advantage of the current digging system is that you could make kindof 'lava pits' that well are used infront of walls as kindof traps to enemies.

But i appreciate the idea.
The game was meant to be similar but not the same as Terraria/Minecraft.
I shall not argue over which is better, as that will be a very long discussion.

More feedback/idea's/suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance.

A newer version will be finished in 1-2 weeks.
Current focus is on another project: Escape


Currently inactive
Addition of Moonflower
Reason: A rare resource that is only found at night. Every night 15 are scattered in random locations apon the map, these are used in Weapons and Potions. This allows players to make decisions and risks, if they want to go out at night (outside their base/protection) and search for these semi-rare plants. They will disappear in the morning, however if picked they shall not disappear.

May have Version 0.8 B finished by this afternoon, including a basic but new Alchemy system.
Anybody interested?


Currently inactive
Thank you, there is a bug with this version that causing many Bats to be spawned lol.
Fixed that in version 0.8 C


Currently inactive
Will continue working on this project, version 0.9 shall contain the following things:
-> Advanced Mining System
-> Advanced Crafting System
-> Advanced Smithing System
-> New Enemies
-> New Items/Potions
-> New resources
-> Possibly more player customization

And much more to come! Watch this space for more sneak peaks on the next version!


UMBWGMG (Unidentified Human Being.)
Nice, maybe add a constructable fishing pole, and add fish that you can cook, and make the meat cook-able. Good game though. I get stuck on night 5, I am working my way around it. Hopefully I have got a good enough base to survive night 5. I have 6 walls, 1 anvil(probably going to die tonight though, its at another base cause I had to find another base (its close to the anvil and my base had 2 gold mines that I have to mine in the morning).
Good luck with the map cause it is fun!

Found a bug (fixed in 2 minutes)

When wielding a watch ring, the timer goes 1:00 when its about 1:20 and 2 when its 1:40 and sometimes doesn't show it at all. please fix, for now on I ain't buying the watch ring.
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    Tagging works in the chat too.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    @Ghan Missed it.
  • Wizard Wizard:
    Still fixing things here and there. Added widgets to the portal, will make it match the ones here on the forum index tomorrow.
  • Ghan Ghan:
    The venerable World Editor Tutorials site has been converted to HTTPS at last.
  • jonas jonas:
  • jonas jonas:
    and I can even edit my messages, nice
  • seph ir oth seph ir oth:
  • Ghan Ghan:
    Hello there
  • The Helper The Helper:
    this new chatbox is great and the forum software update is great too
  • The Helper The Helper:
    upgrade has fixed forum registration spam problem
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Something tells me we might be able to customize the chatbox a bit, considering that there's a gap under every message.
  • Wizard Wizard:
    Going to deploy a fix soon, just had to take some time for myself this weekend.
  • Varine Varine:
    Unbelievable. Time for yourself? How dare you!
  • Wizard Wizard:
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Hm, it is now harder to type anything on an Android phone. Pressing Backspace or Enter keys will dismiss the Android keyboard for some reasons.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    Just noticed there's a delay of at least 2 minutes before each post. Guess I can't post Headline News quickly as I used to.
  • tom_mai78101 tom_mai78101:
    As far as I can tell, there are definitely things I need to get accustomed to first.
  • Varine Varine:
    FCC is cracking down recently

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