US News Ongoing Situation with George Floyd, Minneapolis Police Department, riots, and more.

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    I'm not the person here to stay and keep an ongoing news up-to-date... but given how big this is in the US national news.

    Here's a nice timeline:


    (KNSI) - Amid the calls for the four officers who are accused of killing George Floyd to be arrested, law enforcement and prosecutors are asking for patience as they lay out the timeline of how their investigation will go.

    Floyd died on Monday in south Minneapolis after being handcuffed and held to the ground. A video that went viral on social media showed one officer had his knee on Floyd's neck even after he became unresponsive.

    Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison says both state and federal investigators are looking into the incident, and he talked about what's next.

    "It starts with a fact-based investigation. And then, an evaluation of whether criminal statutes have been violated. And that is the procedure that we should follow."

    He says it's essential that the investigation is thorough, fair and just.

    Ellison stated he expects more protesters in the city over the next few days, and he says, "I want to urge people who want to demonstrate to use proper protocols for safety. We are still in the middle of a pandemic."

    Ellison also encourages any protesters to be peaceful and not to damage any property.

    Minnesota Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington says that the investigation will be done correctly.

    Read more here. (KNSI Local Radio News)

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