Only Jets could screw up Tebow trade

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    The acquisition of Tim Tebow makes perfect football sense.

    What’s more, as it concerns the Jersey-based franchise that loves to talk about championships (as opposed to actually winning them), the trade generates some much-wanted attention and even, almost inconceivably, a measure of goodwill.

    On every level, it’s a brilliant move.

    Only the New York Jets could screw it up.

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    I don't know about Kriegel sometimes. He's a critical sumbitch.

    Should the Jets go out and tell Sanchez "stop being a douche or we're going to replace you. And the proof is the fact that we got someone we could replace you with."?

    Probably not. I mean, their locker room is screwed up enough, player-tension-wise, without them adding to it by stirring up QB drama. And really... Yes, Tebow did good the few times he threw last season... At least, in terms of coming out of nowhere to win the game.

    The dude's got a 38.something QB rating. How the Hell does he threaten even a crappy-seasonal-rating of 78.something Sanchez?

    I just don't get that thinking. Not at all.

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