Order not canceling the other?


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Is it possible, in GUI, to have an unit ordered something and not cancel the previous order it was given? And that it would actualy work for multiple units.

Lets say I want to have an unit to walk from point A to B and, midway, I want it to ''Activate divine shield''. The thing is that, ordering that unit to activate this spell will stop the unit from moving. The problem would easily be solved if it stoped there but I want this action to be MUI, meaning it could apply to any unit, going from any point to any other point. And because of that, I can't order the unit to ''move to point B'' after casting the spell because there are multiple Point B for multiple units.

I think I was precise enough. If not, please tell me what you don't understand. Any helper will be given +rep, if their answer make sense :p


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There are some possibilities. For example you could order your unit to cast a dummy-spell (this can be then detected by another trigger which handles the effects). This spell should be based on windwalk, since that doesn't interrupt the current order. The disadvantage is that you can't use two spells based on windwalk for the same unit since they would activate at the same time.
But I guess there are more of these non-interrupting spells (berserk?)

And for keeping track on orders. I think I saw somewhere something like a "lastorder" system which could be used to get the last order of a unit on the map. But I never used this so I'm not sure how and if it works.


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Well you seem to know how to solve your problem, so I won't explain how to do that.

However, for MUI, you could use a hashtable? Every unit has a unique handle, so when you save locations with the handle as one of the keys, you get unique locations for every unit?


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if the locations are fixed (like in a towerdefense) you could just index them and save the ID of the location a monster is running to as its custom value.
after casting that ability just order your monster to move to the point with the ID equal to its custom value.


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Is it possible, in GUI, to have an unit ordered something and not cancel the previous order it was given?
Short answer: No. Triggers will always overwrite the unit's current orders, even if you issue something like Berserk that normally wouldn't have that effect.

Long answer: You can create a system which stores the unit's current order and re-issues that order after the unit has fulfilled the current order. There is already some JASS systems that do this to the extend of saving whole order queues. In case of a computer-controlled unit in a wave-like order pattern, you can do as Accname suggested and save the location handle to the unit and then reissue the move order.
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