World Over 40 Eswatini students duped into skinning chickens in Taiwan

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    TAIPEI (Taiwan News) — Over 40 Eswatini students who thought they were realizing their dream of studying abroad were disheartened when they encountered harsh working conditions and long hours in a chicken processing plant in western Taiwan.

    In yet another case of foreign university students being coerced into working in factories, UDN reports that in 2018, MingDao University recruited over 40 students from Eswatini to take part in a work-study program. However, once they arrived in Taiwan, they soon found themselves working long hours in a frigid factory skinning chicken carcasses.

    The program, advertised in June of 2018, was called the "Taiwan Work/Study Scholarship" and offered applicants "hands-on practical and work experience" while earning a Bachelor's in Business Administration. The advertisement claimed each student would earn a monthly wage that would cover tuition, accommodation, insurance, and other fees while still leaving 3,000 Swazi lilangeni (US$167) a month to spare for extra spending money.

    Once the students began the college program in Changhua County's Pitou Township, they were shocked to realize they were being sent to a freezing factory with temperatures hovering below 10 degrees Celsius to peel chicken skin. What they encountered in Taiwan was reminiscent of the case of over 40 Sri Lankan students from Kang Ning University who were duped into working in a slaughterhouse.

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