Overclocking your NVidia Graphics Card

My old tutorial on this got deleted in the crash, so I thought I'd make a new one.

Here's an easy way to overclock your NVidia graphics card without having to download any extra programs. All you have to do is add a registry entry and then the settings appear in your driver config.

Before I start:
-I'm basing my tutorial off ForceWare driver Version 91.31
-I'm using Windows XP Professional
-Overclocking your graphics card voids your warrenty and NVidia is not liable for any damages.
-Make sure you have ample cooling devices, as overclocking increases your system's heat output
-Make a backup of your regestry just in case
-I recommend only using this on newer NVidia cards

Ok. Now that I have that out of the way.

Step 1: Make sure you have the latest graphics card driver.
Step 2: Open your registry editor. Start>Run>regedit
Step 3: Open the following directory in the registry.


Step 4: Once you have the directory open, Right-Click anywhere in the white area. Go New>DWORD Value

Step 5: Name the value Coolbits with a Hexadecimal value of 3 and press "Ok"

Step 6: Close the Registry Editor and open up your NVidia control panel.

Step 7: Go into the 3D Settings category in the NVidia Control Panel.
Step 8: Under the Performance category, there should now be a link to Change Overclocking Configuration. If it's not there, go back and double check to make sure you followed all the steps correctly.

Note-- I HIGHLY recommend either using the "Auto Overclocking" setting or using the "Find Optimal" configuration, as this will find the best clock speeds for your card. I personally used the "Find Optimal" and then lowered the settings a little. I also recommend running your fan at the highest speed.

Step 9: After you either do the "Auto Overclock" or the "Find Optimal" and you're happy with the new clock speed, and would like the speed to stay that way, uncheck "Use these settings only until I restart my computer."
Step 10: You can also click the "Test" button to test your new settings. I also recommend using your Tempurature Monitor to compare how much your tempurature increased.

When you're done, go ahed and close the Control Panel.

Final Notes:
-You can always go back to your original settings using the Restore Defaults button or by selecting the Factory Clock Settings.
-I, TheHelper.net, nor NVidia is liable if anything goes wrong due to overclocking.

I would appriciate some feedback as to how well I covered this. Even if you're not going to use it.

Thanks. :)


TH.net Regular
wow, that is a really in-depth guide (as far as i can tell). i don't have a nvidia card so if thats the way to overclock your card without using a third party program then props to you lol.
To Anubis- Yes, this does not requre any 3rd Party Programs.

To kc- This tutorial should work for all NVidia chips, despite the manufacturer.

Thanks for the feedback. :)


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Staff member
I don't have a NVidia Vid Card, I think mine its made by VisionTek
That is a manufacturer.
As long as it's an NVidia chipset this should work.

If you want, post your graphics card model and I can tell you if this applies to it.

King TonGoll

KC if you dont even know that much about your chip i highly suggest you dont tamper with it. overclocking can have bad effects if you have your card running too long.

allso good job hobo.


All Along the Watchtower
I thought overclocking included physically modifying your card :rolleyes:

This should come in handy for my 6600 when I get an extra fan.

P.S I have to spread around before givin you rep.


this was very helpfull for my card but for some reason it want let me set it by my standed. it only lets me use the automatic feature I use the 7300 le pciexpress which i hae head isn't all that good but it came with the pc so i'm stuck with it for a while.
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