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Comments? Suggestions?

It was kind of epic at the start but I got pissed off at the part where I got red minions and I went up to the elevator in a possessed minion and then went down and got stuck there... permanently..:mad:


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I want this game badly, but I'm so broke I couldn't afford McDonald's right now.

I never got far in Overlord 1 because my computer had a terrible graphics card at the time that barely met the requirements, and I haven't reinstalled it since. Is it any good? o_O


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+ Outstanding graphics
+Nice RPG elements.
+ Niceaction elements
+Nice story( Terry Pratchet's dauther)
+ Giblet is in this game as well
+the minions are a bit smarter and can ride the "good wolfie, will you be my friend"
+You can have several Misstresess
-but they have too much clothes on
- now you just buy weapons. NO upgraiding.
-A panda can kill the word of all darkness
-the overlord is really annoying. Nice desighn and all, but he can't jump, or go through high grass
-the things you have to collect are not hidden at all. You just can't go through the main way, nooo you have to search for 15-20 minutes for another way.
-the units are unchanged... this might have been cool for Overlord and Raising Hell, but jeez, for the 3rd game the same units?!
-the puzzels take quite a lot of time and therefore not for most of the people

Good game. Good grapfics. Good humor. The gameplay is below the level of the first 2 parts. Some of the old content is screwed up and there isn't enough new content, but it is worth playing.
Warning: not recommended for inpatient people or do-gooders!
It takes too long to do some of the quest and the bug got me fed up so I quit :(

The story doesn't really make sense to me, the overlord isn't a human so why was he even accepted into the village at birth?

The romans are really dumb at the start lol. The minions looks fun to play with.

Can't jump is a really bad thing I must agree.

I think they should have fixed that bug I had encountered before even releasing this game, had to reload to auto save but was really too lazy to walk the whole thing again.


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It looks like Fable II, but more of a hassle. I didn't like Fable II, but I did a lot on that game to get all the achievements (why not). My brother witnessed the one where I married two people and went to bed with multiple people. Now he brings it up whenever I bring my date home to my parents. :rolleyes:

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    So what's the whole reforged situation? Do we have to run the classic version bootleg now?
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    My boyfriend is super into Bethesda modding so I'm probably going to join him in that for a bit, then move on to making mobile/browser games.
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    I mostly just want to look at my old projects because I know I posted uploads on here somewhere.
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    of course I never finished it x D
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    I think you can still run the original game, just there's a chance your map won't work with the newer patches
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    what development framework have you been looking at for mobile development?
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    I'm currently creating (as a hobby) a space invaders like game for mobile using Xamarin, after starting a few larger projects that I also may not have finished :rolleyes::p
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    Awesome! you should look at the Atari VCS platform it does not have a huge user base but the one it has is super active at around 11k and they have no games in there store
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    basically it is linux
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    OMG it is BanLord as Blackveiled on the forum
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    what is up buddy
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    thanks for the tip, that sounds cool. Never heard about the VCS before but seems like it should be a good match
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    The winter vacation left a toll on me. I missed staying up late and sleeping in late.
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    i haven't looked into it yet
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    If I could use something Python compatible it would save me some learning
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    But Unity might be easiest
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    looking at old posts here makes me happy. Makes me be all like "wow I was pretty smart in 2009"
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    mostly failing at life through adulthood really demotivated me for a while
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    ....what I don't get is why the fuck they would force us to permanently convert to a version of the game everyone fucking hated : \
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    Raid Shadow Legends texture pack smh
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    Most people fail at life throughout their adulthood. Sometimes we get to learn from it. Usually it just feels like crap.
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    What does not kill you makes you stronger is what they say

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