WIP Panda Wars PRIMAL-X (w/ AI!)

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    Panda Wars PRIMAL-X v3.18

    :::Version 3.18:::

    (Map Includes AI)


    Message for You:
    Thank you for your support and help in making this game! Continue to spread the PW LOVE!! (Especially thank you to xBlackRose (Siraraz) and kingkingyyk3.)


    You choose from the available pandaren heroes in the available Taverns. Each pandaren has 5 available skills, 4 of them up to level 6. They have one unique ability that only has one level.

    MAIN GOAL - To destroy the opposing team's Pandaren Dojo by pushing and destroying the enemy towers.

    Items can be bought from the shops in the game. Currently, there are only a few items, but items will be updated in the next versions.

    Benevolence, the Pandaren Knight [STR-melee]
    Kyo, the Glaive Master [STR-ranged]
    Earth, the Earth Guardian [STR-melee]
    Drunk-Zero, the Drunken Master [STR-melee]
    Hiraku, the Fire Apprentice [AGI-melee]
    Riyu-san, the Elite Ninja Girl [AGI-melee]
    Pando-kun, the Wanderer [AGI-melee]
    Shadow, the Chrono Manipulator [AGI-ranged]
    Raijin Junior, the Storm Spirit [INT-ranged]
    Panda'rkth, the Dark Pandaren [INT-ranged]
    Fuzzy, the Ice Hybrid [INT-ranged]
    Adnap, the Pandriver [INT-ranged]

    version 3.18 CHANGELOG
    Panda Wars Primal-X

    After waiting for almost... what, umm, a year...? Finally, the version 3.18 of Panda Wars is HERE. Here is the official change-log of changes made from version 3.17 up ‘til now.

    A lot of bugs and malfunctions were fixed (the graphic glitch now gone, no more heroes gaining WTH Strength 3000), and more gameplay components were added. Most heroes were remade, rebalanced, fixed, and now had more fun non-WC3 based spells, stuff like that.

    And for those who posted their suggestions and advice, bugs found, thank you so much for your help.

    This might be the last version of the map. I was supposed to stop there and discontinue 3.18, for reasons, but I just felt bad for the wasted effort so I continued.

    Thanks so much for downloading, and God bless. :D

    - Added a new Loading Screen with the heroes Drunk-Zero the Drunken Master; Pando-kun the Wanderer; Kyo the Glaive Master; Benevolence the Pandaren Knight; and Riyu-san the Elite Ninja Girl. All five are drawn by me ^^
    - Implemented a test mode (-test) for testing purposes. Has no hero purchase limit and a bunch of few commands added
    - Assistance System added for assist kills
    - Recreated the Multiboard and added hero icons
    - Improved the terrain, added doodads
    - Added gameplay commands –ma (for viewing enemy heroes) and –ms (Checking movement speed)
    - Moved the fountain and made it able to attack enemy units
    - Removed the terrain change commands -snow and -dungeon for the meantime
    - Removed a few other game modes
    - Cleaned up a lot of unused imports from the Import Manager
    - Cleaned up some unused buffs and abilities
    - Creeps no longer die when a tower is destroyed
    - Stopped screen shake on tower death

    - Balanced a lot of heroes' skills, stats, stat gains, base damage, base armor, damage dice, and movement speeds.
    - A lot of skill icon changes
    - A lot of imports and skill effects added and some were removed
    - Remade, reworked, tweaked a lot of hero skills

    Earth Panda, the Earth Manipulator
    - Trashed Innate Skill, Sand Wave and added Tectonic Fury.
    (Earth is still under construction and will be reworked in the next versions, but as of now he is balanced)

    Shadow, the Chrono Morpher
    - Changed missile art [Credits to HiveWorkshop.com]
    - Remade ultimate:
    Old ultimate: Five Seconds
    Increases AS to maximum for 5 seconds
    New ultimate: Chaos Control
    Shadow bends the timespace and speeds up his own attack and movement by 1000 AS and gains 822 MS while slowing the movement of enemies and allies alike to the maximum. [All credits go to BlackRose, this skill is just AWESOME!]
    - Rebalanced Destromath and other skills

    Benevolence the Pandaren Knight
    - Reworked a few skills, replaced Photon Rage and Lightspring with Energy Wave and Quantum Fall
    (Benevolence is still under construction and will be reworked in the next versions, but as of now he is balanced)

    Adnap the Pandriver
    - Retriggered Accelerate
    Old Accelerate: You release a missile when you reach your destination that damages units in a line
    New Accelerate: You now damage units you drive into instead. Also slows their movement, attack speed and reduce their damage for a while. [Credits to BlackRose]
    - Retriggered Engine Boost
    Old Engine Boost: When activated, deals damage per second to nearby enemy units. Increases movement and attack speed for the duration.
    New Engine Boost: Deals damage per 0.25 seconds, increases MS and AS for the duration. Lasts 9 seconds. [Credits to BlackRose]

    Kyo the Glaive Master
    - Remade Initial Skill Holy Shot
    Old Holy Shot: Cluster Rockets based (damage to an area)
    New Skill - Light Shower: Summons a rain of light in a target area dealing 120 damage. Not Cluster Rockets based. [Credits to BlackRose]
    - Remade 3rd Skill Heavenly Shield
    Old skill: Deals damage to units around the buff, allied and enemy alike
    New skill: Sacred Blessing [passive]
    Each glaive released by Kyo is strengthened and blessed by the holy light. Increases his attack damage by 2 points for the first attack, then an additional 2 for the second. Once a set number of attacks have been made, the damage is reset to normal. Damage cap increases per level. Cap starts at 10 and increases by 10 per level.
    Ex: First attack +2 damage, and increases per attack. After 10 attacks (+20 damage), the damage bonus is reset back to +2.[Credits to Tru_Power22]
    - Divine Protection tooltip now shows that it slows enemies who attack you, can now be casted on allied units as well.

    Thirteen, the Experimental Hybrid
    - Remade 1st skill Blood Break
    Old skill: Deals damage (But it didn't lol)
    New skill: Blood Wave – releases a wave of blood, dealing damage to units in a line.
    - Remade Ultimate skill Thirteen Rage
    Old Skill: Increases attack speed ar the cost of life
    New Skill: Blood Theft [passive] - Each attack, cleave, and skill used will steal a percent of the damage dealt and add it to Thirteen’s current health.
    - Remade Initial skill Execution
    Old Execution: Units who attack executed unit will deal bonus damage from 25-300 per attack.
    New Execution: Marks a target enemy hero/unit to be executed. Nearby enemy creeps will be brainwashed, and will attack the marked enemy unit. Also decreases armor by 5 for the duration. Lasts for 5 seconds.

    Drunk-Zero, the Drunken Master
    - Remade 3rd skill Watermelon
    Old skill: Heals a target's mana and health
    New skill: Alcohol Rage
    Drunko drenches himself and drinks a bucket of pure alcohol. His attack speed increases drastically each second, but after the duration he is slowed and his attacks have 50% miss chance.
    Ex: First second 10% bonus, next second, additional 10%. Up to 7 seconds.
    Cooldown: 25, Duration: 7, Manacost: 50
    Visual Effect: Drunk0 becomes more red each second, and once the 7 seconds are up, he explodes and is damaged and gets the dizzy effect overhead. [Credits to Tru_Power22 for the skill]
    - Lowered damage of the beer in Beer Dance (ulti) and changed to pierce damage

    Fuzzy the Ice Hybrid
    - Remade 1st Skill
    Old skill: Imbalanced amount of damage to nearest enemy unit
    New skill: Ice Pillar – Fuzzy casts for a while and then knocks back units away from target point, dealing damage. [Credits to BlackRose, this is his skill ^_^]
    - Remade ultimate
    Old Skill: Stun and damage to single target
    New skill: Winter Embrace - drags enemy units nearby inward and then they explode outward, and deals damage. [Credits to BlackRose, again this is his skill ^_^]
    - Fixed and retriggered Ace of the Winter. Gives bonus mana regeneration and health regeneration to nearby allies, and adds 20 Agility, 25 Intelligence and 20 Strength to Fuzzy for the duration.

    Raijin, the Storm Spirit Jr.
    - Added new visual effect and icon for ultimate skill and improved the ultimate
    - Retrigged Thundergrip. It no longer attaches corpse to you when it's over. LOL. XD [Credits: BlackRose/Siraraz]
    - Retriggered and rebalanced all other skills
    - Changed name to Raijin Junior

    Riyu-san, the Elite Ninja Girl
    - Rebalanced her skills and stats, but her skills are still the same from v3.17

    Hiraku Taitou, the Flame Apprentice
    - All skills no longer affect structures
    (Hiraku is still under construction and will be reworked in the next versions, but as of now he is balanced)

    Panda’rkth, the Dark Pandaren
    - Rebalanced a few skills. Skills no longer deal damage to structures.

    Pando-kun, the Wanderer
    - Remade all of his skills
    1st skill: Tornado Fury
    - Modified bladefury, lasts for a few seconds.
    2nd skill: Windseeker
    - Summons a tornado that seeks out the nearest enemy hero in an area around you, dealing light damage.
    3rd skill: Windblade
    Each attack may give a chance to increase your attack speed for a while and summon a Windseeker to deal damage to a nearby hero.
    Ultimate: Moving Hurricane
    Gives you bonus damage for a short duration.
    (His ultimate will be replaced in the future. I’m thinking we need more suggestions for his ulti, and some coding. :p)

    - Every 5 minutes of game time, the health of the creeps increase by 10% and their damage by 10(first 5 mins) and 5 (next 5 mins).
    - Changed item costs of a few items
    - Reduced attack speed per AGI to 0.1
    - Increased mana regen per INT to 0.07
    - Reduced armor per AGI to 0.12
    - Changed mana bonus per INT to 16
    - Changed HP bonus per STR to 26
    - Changed regen bonus per STR to 0.6
    - Rebalanced the towers a bit
    - Starting gold from 500->750
    - You now revive with half mana instead of full

    - A few item changes, but there still ain't no Recipe Items.
    Pandaren Link – Adds +2 to all stats (Costs 90 gold)
    Pandaren Scroll – Teleports to an allied unit or structure. (Costs 250 gold)
    Jewel of Wisdom – 200% Mana Regen and 2 to all stats
    Pandaren Ring - +2HP Regen, +50% Mana Regen

    The bugs in the previous version are now fixed, thanks to the guys who helped out. If you find NEW bugs, however, pls. feel free to contact and post here.

    Go create a game, post some of your suggestions, help out with the map! :D If you want to take over the map, just PM me because now I won't be continuing the map anymore.

    ::: Download Link [EpicWar] :::

    Panda Wars Primal X v3.18

    Panda Wars Primal X v3.17

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  2. Nherwyziant

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    I tested your map, it was fun. Your items are based on umm... "DotA"? hehe
  3. yami-joey

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    Oh, thanks a lot :D Finally someone commented after long long hours!!

    Yep, the items are based on DotA, but obviously no recipes yet.

    Pinoy din! Hehe.. kaapelyido mo teacher ko sa Values.
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  4. joohen

    joohen New Member

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    Epic...too epic. Fire Panda Ulti is too imbalanced. Fun map though, got a graphic glitch when i first played, happened only once. The ai is too....dumb? And they lvl up so fast. Fun, and great eye candy
  5. Joccaren

    Joccaren You can change this now in User CP.

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    hehe, you think four hours is a long time? Just wait until you get a map that takes three days for one reply :p

    I'd recommend, once you've got everything else completed to your satisfaction (You said its in beta so I'm guessing its not but...), replacing the DotA items with new items.

    Anyway, testing now. Will return with feedback later.
  6. yami-joey

    yami-joey Member

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    Oh gosh, thanks a lot :D

    Fire Panda ulti is imba...

    You could also check out the secret tavern... find it in the map for some cool IMBA heroes...

    Ah, finally some comments. Please please do ask someone else to comment. :D

    Thanks a lot! :D

    I know that glitch, I just don't know how to fix it.

    The AI is too strong.
  7. yami-joey

    yami-joey Member

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    cool!!! Thanks a lot!!! :d
  8. BlackRose

    BlackRose Forum User

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    This looks so interesting. I WUV PANDAS. Encourages me to try it out. Will edit with feedback after.
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  9. yami-joey

    yami-joey Member

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    Please try it out :D

    It has AI, so you can play it even without someone else. The AI is quite imbalanced.

    All the 13 heroes are pandas. Don't choose heroes from the tavern with 2 heroes, they are still under-development.


    Thanks for the comment!!
  10. BlackRose

    BlackRose Forum User

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    I LOVE IT.
    I didn't have much time to test, but during that snippet test. I can tell it is gonna be good ;)

    Nice spell effects, nice models. Only thing is with Storm Panda's missile, so slow o.o?
    I might help you with the map !
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  11. Zack1996

    Zack1996 Working on a Map

    +68 / 0 / -0
    I've played an older version a while ago. It was rather amazing and fun :)

    Good job with the map! Although tweaking some abilities slightly would be better (many abilities are based off Cluster Rockets right?)

    EDIT: Realised that Berserker stomp doesn't suck stuff closer. Not sure if Execution does bonus damage, but it didn't seem to make much difference.
  12. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    Pinoy rin kayo? :D.

    glad too see a lot of positive response on the map..
    will test later.
  13. Nherwyziant

    Nherwyziant Be better than you were yesterday :D

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    at the secret sheep.

    the -dungeon looks more like hell.
  14. Gtam

    Gtam Lerning how to write and read!! Yeah.

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    Oh and the Exile hero's DoomStrike thats like Omnislash.
    The reason no Cooldown is you need to pause the unit before moving him.
    There is no manacost either so i just perm-Doomstrike and kill all the creeps and hero easy.
  15. RangerX

    RangerX I am justice!

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    nice map i will test it later :)
  16. vypur85

    vypur85 Hibernate

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    Lol. Had to comment this just because it is Panda themed.

    The map still has a lot to be done. Seems fun and filled with eye candy. Quite a number of bugs present but I'm not sure what because all the AI's spammed abilities. I got confused which was whose.

    Keep updating.
  17. Mr.Tutorial

    Mr.Tutorial Hard in the Paint.

    +42 / 0 / -0
    I actually downloaded and played this game like 10 minutes after you posted it, except I was too lazy to post anything... anyways... it was fun and intense except the panda heroes could use some more balancing, but stuff like that comes overtime usually. I played as the knight looking panda and I got destroyed by "The Wanderer" panda, I don't know what it was. Oh yeah, and I got that graphic glitch, it was pretty annoying hehe.


    Great Map and fun, hero balancing needed, find a way to fix that graphic glitch, AI pretty much raped me lol.
  18. yami-joey

    yami-joey Member

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    Thanks a lot guys :D

    Currently fixing bugs, hero balances and adding new items. New version coming real soon!

    What to expect:
    - New heroes
    - New skills of Exile
    - New items
    - Balance changes
    - new terrain

    thanks a lot for playing
  19. 13lade619

    13lade619 is now a game developer :)

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    too many furbolgs/panda creeps IMO..
    and imba AI.

    and what do you do with the extra space in the map? i pretty much only go on the lane.

    it's "thrashed".
  20. yami-joey

    yami-joey Member

    +19 / 0 / -0
    - Fixed. Increased Projectile Speed from 600-900 :)

    - Rebalanced. LOL. :)

    - I see. But currently, Exile is not yet complete.

    - Yeah, I know it is still quite confusing and annoying where you just die all of a sudden without knowing why... (Especially that tornado from Pando-kun)

    - Rebalanced Pando-Kun "The Wanderer"'s Cyclone Seeker skill. I still can't find a solution to the graphic glitch.

    Watch out for the next version. Will upload it soon. :D


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