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So, this is what I have so far of this story that I'm writing about my fictional organization, the Department of Paranormal Research. They are based in the fictional town of Havenwood, PA, and do exactly what their name implies, along with taking insane bounty hunters and such into custody.
That was really just the Cliffs Notes version of their jobs, but don't worry about that, it's not much that you need to know to read this. This story is entitled "Where Were You When Maria Lipton Escaped?" and is about the escape of their most prized prisoner, crazed bounty hunter Maria Lipton. So, without further ado, here you have it.

"Oh, this is REDICULOUS!" Copper-haired Cillian Hume flew furiously down the hallway, towards the office of Miles Linus, Squad A's cynical leader. Once the tall, rail-thin man reached the door, he cleared his throat, straightened his immaculately ironed button-down shirt, and burst into the room.
Upon the sudden noise, Miles's pitch-black head of hair shot up from his desk, making it apparent that he had been asleep atop the large pile of unfinished paperwork that sat in front of him. The shorter, and obviously more laid-back, man wore an Underarmor shirt the same dark color as his hair, and a pair of skin-tight jeans.
"Wha' d'you want, Cillian?" He slurred, rubbing his eyes as the other man opened the blinds, letting a bright ray of afternoon light into the room.
"I WANT you to actually FINISH a report for once!" Cillian retorted, sitting irritatedly in the chair parked in front of Miles's desk.
"Well, you're the Head of Internal Affairs, you take care of the reports. Jacob doesn't mind." Miles snarked back, naming the Department's easy-going president. Without another word, the redhead slid a report form that had been covered in crayon doodles of bunnies, rainbows and stars over to him. The squad leader looked at his superior, and smirked to find that a vein was angrily and steadily throbbing in his forehead.
"Ah. I take it you found the report Evana filled out." Miles had gotten the siren to fill out his paperwork for the day, being fully aware that the girl had the mental capacity of a ten year old, and the attention span of a three year old with ADD. The higher-ups, obviously, were not amused.
"I hope you know, I'm taking this matter straight to Jacob, along with certain other complaints many have about your team."
"What, that we harass the trainees? EVERYONE does that! Lighten up, man!" Miles's smirk grew, and Cillian looked about ready to slap him.
And that was when the power went out.
"Well, this just puts the icing on the cake."

As always, feedback is appreciated!


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one word:

lol ok nvm.
you made this kinda funny, hectic and is a pretty good introduction of a story, a little on the short side tho :p

waiting for more :)


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This reminds me of Ghostbusters :thup:
Make sure you don't cross the streams ;)
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