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Discussion in 'World Editor Help' started by sirbartoo, Dec 15, 2005.

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    I have a river going through my map. there is a boat that navigates down it. i would like to add a bridge, but the boat will not go under the bridge. is there a way to use the terrain editor to place a bridge that a boat can go under?
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    No, wc3 has no height map its all done by walls of in-pathability. You can remove pathing map and things can go under, but then things can't go over. You can sort of do this, but it will take lots of work and won't be full proof.

    Line the bridge with pathing blockers for air and remove the bridges pathing map, then when a unit tries to come onto the bridge make it a flying unit and set its height to the exact height of the bridge from the ground below--this will take some work. Then when the unit leaves the other side make it a ground unit aging. You may have to remodel becuase blizzards bridges arch up and that would look bad. Also if a unit enters and leaves the region where they become a flying unit they might stay a flying unit and not be changed back. Also if a flying unit comes to the bridge (like to go under) it will hit the air pathing blockers and not be able to pass, this can be fixed be makeing any air units that go under into units with movement type hover (which is ground that looks like air).
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    maybe it would be easier if a unit enters a reigon on the left side of the map and is teleported to a reigon on the right side of the map. this was my first thought. i'm just nt sure how to do that yet....
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    1. create 2 regions, region1 and region 2

    2. place them accordingly

    3 create a trigger
    E:Unit enters region1
    C:Triggering unit = to boat
    A:Move unit (instantly) to "region2"

    4.anothr trigger
    E:unit leaves region 2
    C:triggering unit = to boat
    A:turn off this trigger
    turn off "regin 1 trigger"

    sry i can't do it a bit more detailed, lost my War3.
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    You could make a drawbridge out of 2 "fallen tree" type bridges. Or if you want you can edit the model of the fallen tree to look more like what you want it to.

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