passing vars when call fourgroup


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Hello how can i pass vars , structs etc no mater when i call a unit group , do i have to attach somthing to the units or enithing else .I have timer , and i want this not to be a global var .I want to make custom chain lightining like one in dota that medusa have , but i need this that i asked and for anouther skills so pls help me.


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For structs, declare a static member of the struct type and pass on the struct instance by storing it in the static member. At least, that's how I transfer struct instances for ForGroup functions.

But, why do you not want it to be a global var? o.o


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then how can i make MUI that use unit group
Waits don't work properly in ForGroup loops anyway, so the span in which you can use a global in a ForGroup loop is instant.

If you need to use the data in something the ForGroup does after a wait, you'll have to use a timer or something to create that wait, at which point it's a simple matter of attaching the data to the timer, thus making it not a vulnerable global.

So basically, it's not a problem because the global use is instant, and so nothing can interfere with it.
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